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Meet The Man Who Made Cowboys Love Rhinestones

By Gerard @presurfer
Meet The Man Who Made Cowboys Love Rhinestonesimage credit
Though it might seem like country-western stars sprang from the womb wearing golden boots and rhinestone suits, it wasn't always so. In fact, we owe such flashy styles to a Ukrainian-born Jew named Nudie Cohn (real name: Nuta Kotlyarenko), who was the first to mix Nashville and Hollywood, making it hip to be ostentatious.
While Cohn's name might not be familiar, you've certainly seen his famous Nudie suits, ranging from Gram Parsons' marijuana-leaf masterpiece to Elvis Presley's outfit of glitzy gold lamé. Taking his cues from burlesque stage shows, Cohn's business boomed in the flush years after World War II, when people weren't afraid to flaunt their wealth.
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