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Meet the Magical New Member of My Beauty Arsenal!!

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

the benefits of rose water

I’ve got something kind of embarrassing that I need to share with you guys (in hopes that maybe some of you can relate)… I think I am getting adult acne. I never ever broke out in my teens like all my other pimply faced peers, and I thought I was pretty lucky. I got through high school without ever having to order Proactive from the catalog like all of my other friends. It was a big accomplishment at the time.

Who knew once I hit my mid twenties I would start to get sick little breakouts on my chin and forehead. Not stoked. Plus, the fact that I am a habitual picker (not gonna lie), really doesn’t help my situation much either. When it comes to my skincare I try my best to keep it natural, if I can’t pronounce the ingredients… chances are I am not buying it. Yet, even my go-to tree tea and coconut oil combo wasn’t helping my skin issues at all.

Time to venture out a bit more into the big bad lovely world of holistic skincare. I have read somewhere that rosewater was a great product for problem skin, but it wasn’t until I saw it on the shelf at one of those fancy natural markets that I remembered I wanted to give it a go.

After just about a week of use (a spritz or 20 a day)… I am already thrilled to see my skin looks like it is on the road to recovery. & let me tell you, it’s about damn time!!

rosewater benefits

Some other awesome things rosewater is good for: 

+ It helps to tighten up your pores and will prevent wrinkles (my worst fear). It’s a natural astringent and has anti-inflammatory properties which also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles that have already formed.

+ Rosewater can help to regulate your skins pH, meaning it will get either super dry OR super oily skin under control.

+ The antibacterial properties that occur naturally in rose petals are great for soothing the skin and getting rid of acne/blackheads.

+ Obsessed with getting super long hair. Rinsing your hair in rosewater promotes growth and heals a dry & itchy scalp.

+ After a long day of working on the computer, I often get some eye strain and a headache. Dab some rosewater around the eyes, on your temples, and on your forehead and you will have no need to pop those 3 Advil.

+ Last, but not least, it is also a great setting spray for your make-up.

Magic potion? I think so.


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