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Meet Our Pilot of the Month - Jason with SeaPort Airlines

By Diverdriver
Meet our Pilot of the Month Jason, a Captain with SeaPort Airlines. An airline that is headquartered in Portland Oregon and operates out of its bases in Memphis, TN and San Diego, CA. They also operate out of Juneau Alaska as Wings of Alaska. They fly 16 different Grand Caravans (including the new EX model) to 22 different destinations in 10 states and Mexico and use the cool Callsign "Sasquatch".
Meet our Pilot of the Month - Jason with SeaPort Airlines
I met Jason online in our Caravan group on Facebook. He started out flying skydivers as I did. I can tell from our conversations that he is a super friendly guy and very passionate about aviation.

Name: Jason
From: Winter Haven, FL.
Age: 33Total Time: 1600Company: SeaPort Airlines, Inc.Location: Memphis, TNYears flying Caravans: 1

What do you like most about flying the Caravan? I have not flown a lot of airplanes, but the Caravan is by far the most versatile of them all. When given a clearance to "maintain max forward speed" on final approach, I can give them 155 KIAS all the way to short final and still set it on the thousand foot marks. I'm also able to fly nine passengers, luggage and enough fuel to fly from destination to destination. The Caravan is a workhorse and I absolutely love flying it!What are your career goals?I've wanted to be an airline pilot since I was about eight years old. No one in my family is a pilot, so I figured that I would be the first. I've actually just accepted a job at a regional airline flying regional jets. What is your advice for younger pilots?

Hang out at the airports and meet people! The more people you can connect with the better you will be. I've only been flying for a little less than three years and when I started my connections were very few... I actually only knew one pilot. The more people that I met the better things got. That's how I landed my first paying gig, flying sky divers in a 182. I met some more people, and now I'm flying Part 135 in four different variations of Caravans. Meet people and ask questions. There's always a way to accomplish your goals and the more people involved, the better!
Meet our Pilot of the Month - Jason with SeaPort AirlinesFeel free to visit the SeaPort Airlines site

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