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MeasuGator Lambda Digital Caliper, 3 Addons, Verifiable Accuracy, Automatic Off/On, 6 Inch/150 Mm Range, SAE/Metric Modes, Premium Quality Stainless Steel Calipers, w/Spare Batteries, Feeler Gauge

By Irene Ross

Combining experience in measuring tools manufacturing,
steel workmanship and software engineering, we are
delighted to present our complete suit of digital caliper
and FREE add-ons, and proud to redefine this tool!


With an accuracy of 0.001″/0.02mm our caliper embraces all
measurement domains. You can see that it meets this accuracy by
using the feeler gauge add-on. The outer jaws are perfectly aligned,
and the inner jaws are thin and sharp.

Easy to Use

Slide it, it turns on. Leave it, it will turn off after 6 minutes.
Accessing the battery is as easy as sliding the battery cover. The
display responds to movement at light SPEED, making measurements
instantaneous. The LARGE digits are easy to read, and switching between
inches and mm is at your finger tip.

Pleasant to Use

We give our calipers a beautiful and lively look!
The sliding action is very smooth, which doesn’t only contribute
to the accuracy, but also makes it very pleasant to use.
Pick it up, it feels good & solid in your hand.
Take a measurement – your thumb won’t slip from the thumb grip.

Peace of Mind

The hard case fits the caliper accurately, preventing it from moving during
delivery. The 3 extra batteries give you a very long operating time. No worries here too.


Our user friendly units-conversion software is a special gift for you.
Download it from our website (printed on the top of the slipcase).

You get:Digital caliper3 extra batteriesTester feeler gaugeScrewdriverOwner’s manualProtective hard case

It’s currently at an introductory price, so buy now a great & unique
caliper and complementing add-ons!

NEW! Our Lambda model caliper has arrived! Resolution: 0.0005″/0.01 mm. Accuracy: 0.001″/0.02 mm. Scale length: 6″/150 mm. Hardened stainless steel. Solid construction, solid feel. Convenient to hold thanks to the solid steel construction, and the light weight movable digital module, maintaining balance when the jaws are open.

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