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May - Month of the Lily of the Valley

By Nclark
May - month of the Lily of the ValleyMy Lily of the Valley just starting to grow!
The birth flower for May is the delicate Lily of the Valley.  This tiny fragrant flower is also known as a May lily, May bells, ladder-to-heaven, and Our Lady's Tears.  In Christian legend the Lily of the Valley were created from Eve's tears after she and Adam were banned from the Garden of Eden.  Other legends state that Our Lady refers to Mary and the flowers sprang from her tears as Jesus was being crucified.  In religious artwork, the Lily of the Valley denotes humility and is a sign of Christ's second coming.
On May 1rst, known as May Day, the French traditionally sell Lily of the Valley in the streets. Charles IX of France was given this flower as a good luck charm on May 1, 1561.  He then began a tradition of giving the ladies of the court a Lily of the Valley each year on this date. 
In terms of wedding flowers, Lily of the Valley are among the top ten most popular flowers to use.  One downfall - they are usually very expensive to get fresh.  For example, 25 blooms of this delicate flower can cost around $150 or $200 wholesale; whereas you can get 75 stems of roses or 100 tulips for around the same price.  Now since I am a big promoter for silk wedding flowers - let me say tha you can get 25 stems of silk Lily of the Valley for approximately $50 - depending on the supplier and quality.  This is a huge cost saver and a more efficient way to get the beautiful elegance of this flower without breaking your budget.  With the recent Royal Wedding, Lily of the Valley are sure to gain even more interest in bouquets since Kate Middleton carried a lovely bouquet made entirely of this flower.

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