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Max Factor – The Art of 1950s Eye Makeup

By Glamourdaze @GlamourdazeBlog

Eye cosmetic tips from Max Factor-

How to make up small eyes


With Eyebrow pencil, draw a fine line just above and just below the lashes of the upper and lower lids. Soften this line by blending with the fingertip until it becomes a shadow. This brings the eye into greater relief, magnifying its size. Apply Mascara to the lashes.

How to make up round eyes


Round eyes may be made to appear more almond-shaped if desired. With Eyebrow pencil, extend the line of the upper and lower lids at the outer corner of the eye. Blend lines into faint shadow. Likewise the brow should also be extended a trifle.

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1950s makeup guides

How to make up deep-set eyes


Blend Eye Shadow outward from the approximate center of the upper eyelid. Shade the color a trifle heavier on the outer area. With eyebrow pencil, carry a fine line just above the lashes of the upper eyelid, shading this line into a shadow. Apply a sifter line close to the lashes of the lower lid from the center and outward, shading this line into a faint shadow.

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Max Factor – The Art of 1950s Makeup
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