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Master Bedroom Redo--picking My Paint Color

By Laharris1
Master Bedroom Redo--picking my paint colorHello friends. Happy April to you! In my last post I mentioned that I'm finally tackling our Master Bedroom--the one room in the house that is completely untouched since we moved in here. I know. Isn't it odd that the room we spend so much time in, is the very room that gets put on the backburner?But I finally got motivated when my Dad came in town and taught me how to use my miter saw and since then I've got my creative juices going, trying to finalize my plans for this room.Master Bedroom Redo--picking my paint color
The first step in my master re-do was to figure out the paint color ---which is really about the ambiance of the entire room. For a long time, this picture has been my inspirational photo for our master bedroom.Or so I thought. If you've been to my Pinterest bedroom board you can see how varied my taste is, but the big question for me when deciding on paint shades is how they make me feel--not how they look on a wall. For instance, I really love the trendy gray paint colors I'm seeing everywhere in blogland. I especially loved this bold, dark shade when I painted my dining room. (Although it's already been changed)But here's the problem. Our master bedroom faces north and we only have one window which means there isn't a whole lot of natural light in there. Master Bedroom Redo--picking my paint colorviaAnd even though I love the idea of a grey master bedroom--in either a deep shade ---
Master Bedroom Redo--picking my paint coloror a soft, warm shade...when I actually tried some grey colors on our walls and lived with them for a while they felt ...well, sort of cold to me. I even tried Farrell and Ball's Cornforth White which is a subtle---barely there--kinda grey--and without any blue undertones at all and I saw blue. It's not that I don't like blue-greys, in fact I picked this cool gray for our bathroom remodel here.I just didn't want it for our light-challenged master.When selecting paint colors--especially white shades--it's crucial to consider the amount of natural light in your room especially in a north facing view--like ours-- which can even make white paint shades look dull.If you have a room without a lot of natural light I found THIS post helpful.And if you're trying to pick a gray paint for a north facing room like mine I found THIS post helpful.
Master Bedroom Redo--picking my paint colorThe other point I had to consider was my tendency to keep coming back to creamy white hues when pinning inspiration photos. Like this one featured at Thistlewood Farm.Master Bedroom Redo--picking my paint color
and I was also drawn to plank walls...
and fabric upholstered headboards.Master Bedroom Redo--picking my paint colorYep.I guess it's time to trade our metal headboard for something more sophisticated and comfy.Master Bedroom Redo--picking my paint colorI just have to decide if the new headboard I plan on making should be tufted like this one...Master Bedroom Redo--picking my paint coloror simple, with straight lines like this one.
Next time I'll share photos of my newly painted bedroom in the Farrell and Ball paint shade I chose and tell you about the headboard I decided to make.
Thank you so much for following along on my progress.I hope you have a great weekend. Right now I'm reading the third book in the Game of Thrones series. My son got me hooked but I haven't watched one show and have no real desire yet. I'm too engrossed in the books....anyone else reading something juicy-good right now?xoLeslie

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