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Massage Treatment for Depression - Massage is Sometimes Promoted as an Alternative Treatment for Depression.

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Massage Treatment for Depression

Massage Therapy is a form of therapy that uses the gentle use of systematic touch, focusing on specific regions of the body, or the whole body, with regards to promoting healing and relaxation. Massage is really a style of therapy involving the manipulation of layers of muscle and tissue to boost function, promote relaxation, and assisted in the overall healing process of the body.

Massage therapy offers an alternative to the usual counseling or psychotherapy usually prescribed for the depressed, and in addition it can be used in conjunction with these treatments. Examples of massage therapy that may help depression include, Swedish massage, hot stone massage and Thai massage.

Massage means rubbing and stretching muscle. This relieves tension in muscles, increases blood flow, and promotes relaxation. The massage softens rigid muscle and ligament that can be painful, limit movement, or cause inflammation.

Even though it is rarely a cure, massage therapy can help manage the physical symptoms of a variety of ailments. For those with depression, massage can alleviate sluggishness, back pain, joint pain, and muscle aches. Additionally, it may help with fatigue and sleeping problems.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy uses iron-rich, smooth, flat, heated stones in conjunction with classic massage therapy techniques, such as circular and kneading techniques. This kind of massage therapy also relies on a belief within the energy centers of the body. Massage therapists place heated stones on certain affected areas of the body, such as on tight muscles, specific places around the back or even the palm from the hand. The stones may also be centered along the body’s energy centers, that is thought to re-balance the body and mind. Heat from the stones loosens and relaxes the muscles, improves circulation and might calm the nervous system. These combined reactions try to relieve depression.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy combines traditional massage therapy techniques, for example gentle rubbing and kneading, with scented plant oils, for example lavender, bergamot or lemongrass. The specific aromatherapy oils trigger areas of the brain and the limbic system, which could, in turn, affect the nervous system, hormones along with a person’s emotions. Specific aromatherapy oils for uplifting a depressed person’s mood include bergamot, lemongrass, rosemary and sage. Soothing oils include chamomile, jasmine and lavender.

Massage Therapy Massage Treatment for Depression

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage relieves muscle tension and soothes nerves, and frequently leads to a reduction in both depression and anxiety. Swedish massage therapy is often characterized like a gentle massage that promotes relaxation and tension-relief. Cancer patients—all who were experiencing moderate to high amounts of anxiety and depression. After receiving Swedish massage therapy, depression, stress and anxiety levels within the patients decreased by approximately 50 %.

Thai Massage

Thai massage evolved from healing and religious traditions and methods of Ayurveda and Thai Buddhism. Those who receive Thai massage actively have fun playing the process, as this massage is like an assisted type of yoga. Thai massage uses a combination of traditional massage techniques, yoga postures, stretching and acupressure to eliminate and release “blockages” in the body. The massage incorporates both rhythmic motions and massage techniques across the body’s energy lines. Advantages of Thai massage include pain relief, because of arthritis and stressed muscles; emotional calming; stress-reduction; and relaxation.

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