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Mars Opposite Jupiter - Trying to Make the Most of Your Opportunities...

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

needle haystack

This aspect is now closing in making an exact aspect on 28th October 2012.

Mars is rapidly approaching an opposition with expansive Jupiter. This aspect is one of those pioneering ones where you can make significant progress in your life, if you chose the right option that is.

Now Mars is traveling through Jupiter's home sign of Sagittarius and this is a transit that does reach for the stars, wants to go as far as it can. Mars is in a mood to explore and to experience. One is always restless to get going with Mars in Sagittarius and there is so much expansive energy to burn up. So great, we have all the motivation we need to get things done and achieve new goals. The thing is, Jupiter is in it's opposite sign of Gemini, a place where one's energy can be scattered far and wide, and with Jupiter I mean very FAR and very WIDE. To find the right opportunity for you, it might be trying to find a needle in a haystack. Then again, you might try to spread your energies around too sparingly doing too many tasks at the same time and so in the end you don't get any of them completed to your satisfaction. The temptation is to take a risk or two and hope that everything is gonna be alright in the end. Trust me, it won't be.

Discipline is going to be needed if you are to take advantage of the riches that may be thrown up by this Mars Jupiter opposition. Also, staying power is not one of those attributes that comes to mind with Mars opposite to Jupiter. You often only get one real blast of the rocket engine that can propel you to great speed before the tank runs out of energy with this opposition, so it is best to chose your destination carefully. My advice is to take your time, make sure you only concentrate that dynamic energy of Mars in Sagittarius in and at the right places, and then you may well be able to get your life really moving...

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