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Mars Conjunct Sirius - If You Can't Take the Heat, Get out of the Kitchen.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


This aspect is exact from around late tomorrow until 4th August. The precise conjunction occurs at 14:16 degrees Cancer

Oh wow - this is a hot one!! We have Mars the planet of action force and fire conjunct to Sirius in Canis Major, the brightest star in the universe, nicknamed the shining one or the "Scorcher". This star has always had a reputation for being associated with linking humble and selfless personal action which suddenly propels one into the spotlight, or doing something sacred and worthy in making a sacrifice for the betterment of people around you. If you think of the "15 minutes of fame" that many people aspire to, then this star could well be the reason for the phrase as it promises a chance to be in the spotlight like the proverbial shooting star before it quickly fades into the night sky.

Now with Mars conjunct to Sirius and square to Uranus we have an inferno of energy here ready to burst into life. Look out for record temperatures somewhere in the world, maybe wild fires, possibly cases of arson and other unexpected explosive events connected to intense heat. Maybe the actions of someone or a group of people faced with a disaster will propel them into the limelight now?

Mars is a military planet as well as connected to the security forces especially as it is here in Cancer and this link favours direct military action as well as that carried out by the police. I can imagine that political debate may be very sharp and spiky now and any social action could initiate a very swift response.

For you, if you are doing any very focused work, it will be a great time to get excellent results. Passions will rise under this aspect and in relationships this could initiate either good or bad effects, especially as Mars is making a feisty square to Uranus as this hit occurs. It sounds fun of course your relationships are sound but if they are on rocky ground, watch out for flying knives and smashing plates. As I said, it you can't stand the heat...

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