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Marketing to Brides – You Are So Much More Than Your List of Services

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Marketing to Brides – You are So Much More Than Your List of Services

When I have a mentoring appointment with a new wedding planner, I will ask him or her to email  information to me about their background and experience and to send me links to their website, blog, Facebook account and anything else they may be doing for marketing. I like to get a clear picture of who they are before we start meeting.

Almost everyone shares with me information about skills and experience they have, in addition to their wedding planning skills, that are very valuable “extras” to have as a wedding and event planner.

But none of the information is mentioned in their marketing materials!

Instead, they just have lists of their available services. But these lists don’t make them stand out.

Brides don’t know how talented they are and they end up not getting all of  the clients they deserve.

Are you also guilty of hiding some of your valuable skills and knowledge, thinking they aren’t directly about wedding and event planning, so they don’t matter?

For example, have you worked in catering or the restaurant business?

Then you know how to help a bride select a menu that will appeal to her guests while fitting within her budget.

Have you worked in financial services?

Most likely you know how to create a realistic budget and help a bride stick to it.

Have you been voluntarily counseling newly engaged couples at your place of worship?

Then you’ll be able to help couples not only plan their weddings with your planning skills, but also navigate successfully through the emotional highs and lows that often come during the months before a wedding.

Think about the knowledge, experience, and skills that you acquired when working in a job, or as a volunteer, that you can use as a wedding planner.  Then tell brides how they can benefit from what you know.

When they know the benefits, they will understand how valuable you are and realize how much they need you to be their wedding planner.

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