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Marketing Back-to-School to Parents: What Social Media Tells Us

Posted on the 28 August 2013 by Jamiedunham @jdunham

The Lipstick Economy is interested in Back-to-School this year and how this year might be different from other years because of trends such as year-round school calendars, just-in-time shopping, family and teen-age budgets and online versus offline.  The topic generated conversation among readers who provided some great information.

An online friend Kim Wilson of Ebro Foods shared this infographic on Back-to-School.  I was fascinated because it is based on Social Media research and it has some great take-aways:

Parents feel some worry about the school transition and like deals and sales that help them with stretched budgets. Moms are in charge - A recent survey revealed that 59% of shoppers say that mom makes the final decisions for back to school shopping.  And as the Chief Budget Officer, she is juggling.

Families still prefer to do back-to-school shopping together.  64 percent of shoppers prefer to shop with their child versus the 36 percent who would prefer to shop alone.  Don’t forget that many Moms have already done their research before they hit the stores and are comparing prices as they shop.  Some 71 percent of shoppers will use their smartphones to compare prices or download mobile coupons during their shopping trips.

Families tackle the most expensive purchases first and time them around deals and sales.  More than half (55%) of shoppers will make back-to-school purchases throughout the school year instead of purchasing everything at once.The cycles are changing and retailers need to be alert to these changes.


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