Marine Engineering Scope in India 2017-2025

Posted on the 01 February 2017 by Tayeeb Khan @followtayeeb
What is the course is all about?
In two decade ago, No one has heard about the course of marine engineering but now it has been very popular among students who are interested to make their career on shore or off shore.Marine engineering is the course of engineering of the marine vessel including oil rigs, boats, and ships. Marine engineers are practiced for designing, construction and maintenance of marine vassals and other marine related engineering. In marine engineering, techniques and technology produces ships and its related vessels. Making a career in marine engineering is quite difficult since you will have to spend months and years on ship itself.  
Marine Engineering scope in India 2017-2025
Course is ideal for which kind of students
For those who want to pursue their career in marine engineering, must complete substantial education in engineering, science and technology. Bachelor’s degree in marine engineering commence for entry level job likes basic designs and fluid dynamics. In this field, master and doctoral program covers managing big project, electrical power system & material science. In Indian colleges, a career in marine engineering can be improved by an advanced degree. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) can make way for management and executive position in marine.
Career opportunity after course:
In recent times, marine engineering has a vast scope in India. The course for marine engineers can open many ways for job on shores and off shores, to get the details about best marine engineering colleges in chennai, pune and anywhere else in India, check out the link.
What is the salary scale in India for fresher and experienced?
Pay scale for marine engineers is pretty good. A public sector’s initial package from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 60,000 per month and in private sector, your initial package starts from Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 70,000. These are starting package and if more you will have experience in the same company, it goes up. If you are dedicated to your work then you can become chief marine engineer within 6 years of time. For experienced engineer, Salary package is based on how much engineer is experienced. If engineer is having 1 to 4 years of experience then he/she can get in the range of Rs. 4.8 lakhs to Rs. 19 lakhs per annum, If they are having 5 to 10 years of experience, they can get Rs. 5.3 lakhs to Rs. 31.2 lakhs per annum and if they are having 11 to 20 years of experience, they can get Rs. 7.8 lakhs to Rs. 40.5 lakhs per annum.All the companies are also offering other perks and allowances which have been not added in above packages.
Following are the top 10 companies in India which may hire you after completion of your marine engineering:
1.   ABG Shipyard Ltd.2.   Walrus Marine & Engineering Company Private Ltd.3.   Zentech India Offshore & Marine Enterprises.4.   Irm Offshore and Marine Engineers Private Ltd.5.   Coastal Marine Construction and Engineering Ltd.6.   Arcum Engineering (P) Ltd.7.   Vanson Engineering Private Ltd.8.   The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.9.   Cochin Shipyard Ltd.10.    The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.
Marine Engineering scope in India 2017-2025
Following are the top 10 international companies which may hire you after completion of your marine engineering:

      1.    Shanghai Waigaoqiao.
2.   Imabari Shipbuilding.
3.   Hyundai Mipo.
4.   Oshima Shipbuilding.
5.   Tsuneishi Shipbuilding.
6.   Mitsubishi Heavy Industry.
7.   Hyundai Samho.
8.   Samsung Heavy Industry.
9.   Daewoo Shipbuilding.
10.  Hyundai Heavy Industry.

Marine engineering is a challenging and an exciting opportunity which deals in making, designing and maintenance of ship related machines and engines. For more details about course and other details, please visit: CampusHunt

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