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Maria Wheatley - Homo Capensis - Elongated Skull Neolithic Queen at Stonehenge

Posted on the 16 March 2016 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Maria Wheatley - homo capensis - Elongated skull Neolithic Queen at Stonehenge
when one hears "elongated skulls," one might think of the elongated (and much larger capacity) 300 Paracas skulls of Peru or the elongated skulls of Akhenaten and Nefertiti in Ancient Egypt.
One doesn't tend to think of Stonehenge in Britain; or it is very rare to hear of Elongated Skulls at Stonehenge.
Last year, there was a report from writer/researcher Maria Wheatley of an elongated-skull Neolithic Queen found alone in her own large barrow alongside another barrow where hundreds of elongated-skull people were killed. The discovery of elongated-skull'd people in Britain sheds a whole new light on the meaning of Stonehenge and other such Pyramid or stone monuments. The elongated-skull'd Homo Capensis (as they're being called) people are looking like the missing piece of the GRP or Global Rule Puzzle. Could these be the Great Map Makers of pre-diluvian Earth? The Royals? The Sea-farers? The Fashionistas?
Where the global cultures who engaged (and still continue to engage) in skull binding or skull boarding to squish their children's heads into a more pleasing conical or elongated shape, merely emulating those homo capensis people who used to rule over man, harking back to more ancient times when modern man and his ruler first met?
"Once the elongated skull people lost their power, everything changed at Stonehenge," Wheatley gives this as the reason the Stonehenge monument eventually went out of service for the people of Ancient Britain.

FURTHER CONEHEAD-TECHNOLGY VIEWING: are guys like Brien Foerster really onto something? Is it possible that 'bronze age people didn't have the technical knowledge to make these great ancient monuments' like the Sphinx or the Pyramids of Egypt and South America or rings of Stonehenge, Avebury and Brodgar and other such neolithic sites that litter the British and French territory? Are the coneheads responsible for orchestrating or architecting such feats of Human Engineering?
Hudes & Spencer (click for link) have a much more confrontational interview about their homo capensis ideas, but Foerster's conehead interview is much more sedate and considered - depends how you're feeling, this morning, I guess.

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