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Many Green Hill Stations That Tower Over the Vast Plains of Kerala Munnar

By Vishnudas
Many green hill stations that tower over the vast plains of Kerala Munnar The southwestern state of Kerala though close to the equator
is well known for its cool and serene hill stations. One may find it surprising but the number of hill stations in the southern state of India is many. 

The lush green hills of the state with its cool weather and amazing scenic views make them great places to escape to beat the heat. Out of the many green hill stations that tower over the vast plains of Kerala Munnar is one that must be visited.

The name Munnar translates into “three rivers” and is a name rightfully given for the confluence of three rivers i.e. the Madhurapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundaly is located here. The lush green hills of Munnar with its cool weather, vast tea gardens, hilly areas, view points, rivers etc make it one of the most visited hill stations of the state. 

This serene hill station is located in the Kannan Devan hills and is a place that one should make it a point to visit when in the state of Kerala. There are many tourist attractions in Munnar which exhibit beauty in its highest forms. Further more the pleasant weather of this hill station is what makes it a great place to visit.

Some of the best known Munnar tourist attractions that will surely please your senses and provide you with wonderful memories would be:-

CSI church

Built during the year of 1910 this stone built church is a wonder that should be visited. The peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that surrounds this place seems to flow right into you providing you with a sense of bliss. The colourful stained glass and the brass plaques that decorate the church are really great. 

Tata tea Museum

This tea museum holds relics of the colonial times and brings back the flavours of those olden times. The museum also holds a demonstration of tea processing and tea tasting too. This is a great place to visit and has an educational significance too. 


Situated at a distance of about 13 kilometers from the main town of Munnar this place is also known as the Eravikulam National Park. The flora and fauna that one can find when in this protected park is really great. Many diverse species of birds, animals, flowers and trees that you can see here makes your visit a fruitful one. 

Top station

This place is located at a distance of about 40 kilometers from the town and is at a greater elevation from Munnar. The spectacular views of Tamil Nadu which is the neighboring state of Kerala and the Western Ghats seen from here will capture your senses. 

The weather here is foggy making it a romantic place to visit. The best way to the top of the hill would be to take a trek absorbing the beauty of the hills at your own pace letting nothing go by unnoticed.

Tea Gardens

A mention of Munnar without its vast tea gardens makes it incomplete and so does a visit. The lush green tea gardens were first planted by the Britishers and remains at its immaculate form till now. 

A walk through the tea gardens is a pleasant experience and leaves with a sense of joy. One should also visit the factories of these tea gardens and see the processing of tea too for it is an interesting experience. 

All in all the Munnar tourist attractions are something to be seen and lived rather than being read about. So take some time out and visit the wonderful hill station of the enigmatic state of Kerala to experience beauty of the tropical hill stations. 

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