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Man Who Claims To Have CEO Ted Rollins' iPhone Describes Scheme Designed to Deceive Stockholders

Posted on the 18 July 2013 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler

Man Who Claims To Have CEO Ted Rollins' iPhone Describes Scheme Designed to Deceive Stockholders

Theresea Kilgore

Officials at Campus Crest Communities spent way more than expected on an office renovation at their Charlotte headquarters and intentionally spread the costs over multiple projects to deceive stockholders about excess spending.

Evidence of that can be found on CEO Ted Rollins' iPhone, according to an unknown caller to Legal Schnauzer. The man claimed the iPhone came into his possession when Campus Crest gave away office equipment to individuals working on the renovation.

"Our company had around $400,000 in charges that [Campus Crest] didn't plan on spending, so . . . they divided the $400,000 up among other projects across the country. [That way] the stockholders wouldn't realize what they were actually spending on the office renovation." (See video at the end of this post.) 

The iPhone includes contact info for a number of celebrities, including musician Rosanne Cash, basketball great Julius Erving, and pro wrestler Hulk Hogan. Just for fun, the caller said, he called the number for Rosanne Cash to see what would happen. When she answered the phone and identified herself as "Rosanne," the guy got flustered and said he must have the wrong number. "I called Julius Erving, too," the man said.

As for less famous people, photos of Birmingham resident Theresea Kilgore show up throughout the iPhone's contents, the man said. Kilgore has been a curious character in the Rollins v. Rollins divorce case. We described Kilgore's role in attending a settlement conference and encouraging Sherry Carroll Rollins to accept several outrageously low-ball figures. That was in a post titled "Here Is More Evidence That CEO Ted Rollins Lied Under Oath To Reduce His Child-Support Payments." 

Why would Theresea Kilgore show up in photos, apparently taken at locations around the country, on Ted Rollins' cell phone? We have no idea. "She's in a lot of pictures," the caller said. "She went on a lot of vacations with them."

The man again expressed alarm about images on the phone that he considered to be child pornography. "If I turn this phone over to authorities, [Ted Rollins] will be arrested immediately."

I expressed doubt about that because, based on descriptions of the images, I'm wasn't sure they amounted to child pornography. 

The man admits that one reason he called me is that he had a contentious relationship with a Campus Crest employee and ultimately felt he had been treated badly on the renovation project.

What was the outcome of all this? Our story will be winding down with the next post in our series.

(To be continued)

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