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Man of Many Chats to Surf Legend Joel Parkinson

By Manofmany @manofmanytastes

Man of Many Chats to Surf Legend Joel Parkinson

Professional surfer Joel ‘Parko’ Parkinson is an Aussie legend with an ASP world title under his belt. He was recently hanging out at Sydney’s Bondi Beach as Bacardi’s ambassador for the launch of the ‘Champions Drink Responsibly’ campaign featuring the reveal of ‘Parko’s Pacers Recipes’ – a range of mocktails named after different surf breaks.

We all know ‘that guy’ who sinks a gut-full of booze, gets sloppy and acts like a menace. No-one wants to be ‘that guy’, and the Champions Drink Responsibly campaign is  aimed at encouraging people to pace themselves when drinking on a night out with friends.


Man of Many Chats to Surf Legend Joel Parkinson
After Joel’s morning paddle-out and barbeque lunch, Frank from Man of Many was lucky enough to chat with the former world champ.

MM: This morning you paddled out with a group of 50 surfers and we just had the barbeque fired up for lunch. Tell us a bit about what’s been going on.
JP: Basically today has been the launch of our Bacardi Champions Drink responsibly campaign. We decided to do it in Bondi today, there was a bit of rain this morning, but we paddled out and made a big shape of a ‘T’ for ‘time out’, which is basically what we’ve been pushing in this campaign.

I’ve just enjoyed some tasty Parko’s Pacer’s Recipes. Tell me the story behind that?
It’s a bit corny, but it is good! It’s just about teaching a culture to drink responsibly. Like anyone, I like to have a drink and enjoy myself, but not take it too far and not let it get out of hand. Take a time out, drinking is not a competition. If the pace is fast and you think you’ve hit the limit, just miss out a round and have a pacer, whether it be a water or another non alcoholic drink. You don’t want to be ‘that guy’ the next day that everyone is over.

I don’t think I could live without the ocean. It makes me feel quite human.

Man of Many Chats to Surf Legend Joel ParkinsonAll of Parko’s Pacers Recipes are named after surf breaks. Which is your favorite drink? And what is your favorite break?
My favorite break is Cloudbreak. My favorite drink is the Point Break, but they’re all good. I like them all.

When the surf’s flat, what do you enjoy doing?
You mean when I’ve got time off and the surf’s flat? I love my fishing. If I get time off nowadays, I get to hangout with my kids and do something fun with them… But I do love to fish.

I heard in an old interview that you were trying your hand at the ukulele. How did that go?
Yea, yea, yea. I still play a little bit, I haven’t really improved too much. Kinda got to a point where I could play, but I can’t get any further.

So there’s no Parko’s Greatest Hits album coming out soon?
Haha. There’s no Jack Johnson in me, that’s for sure.

If you had to trade in your surfing world title for a world title in any other sport, what do you reckon you’d choose?
I’ve always loved Skateboarding. Every time I get asked what else I’d like to do or what other sport I’d like to be good at – it’d be skateboarding, but the injuries if you’re slamming on concrete all day – I’ll take the water over that anytime.

I’m trying to avoid getting a real job… I want to be able to stay in the ocean as long as I can

Tell me one thing that you couldn’t live without.
The ocean. I don’t think I could live without the ocean. It makes me feel quite human.

If for everyday for the rest of your life you had access to either a personal chef, chauffeur or masseuse, what would it be?
Oh it’d be a chef for sure. Clicking my fingers like this (Joel clicks his fingers with look of delight on face) would be amazing. My wife is an amazing cook, so I’m  pretty lucky there. She’s Italian and she’s amazing.

You’ve achieved a lot in your career including multiple tour wins, podium finishes and you’ve got that elusive ASP world title – what’s next for Joel Parkinson?
Hopefully I can get another world title and then I’ll pull up stumps. I’m trying to avoid getting a real job, so we’ll see how that goes.

You should try and stretch out the surfing career as long as possible.
Yea exactly. I want to be able to stay in the ocean as long as I can and always surf, so whatever keeps me in that I’ll be happy with.

Man of Many Chats to Surf Legend Joel Parkinson

Parko’s Pacers Recipes 

Reef Break
50ml beef consume
100ml tomato juice
10ml lemon juice
A pinch each of salt and pepper
3 drops of Tabasco sauce

Beach Break
50ml pineapple juice
100ml coconut water
10ml pineapple purée (can use fresh pineapple and muddle if no purée)

 Point Break
30ml lime juice
100ml soda water
2 teaspoons castor sugar
8 mint leaves

Cloud Break
50ml pineapple juice
100ml orange juice
15ml lime juice
1 lemon wedge

Check it out

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