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M&S Celebrates 90 Years of Lingerie

By Blondeambition @BrookeFalvey
Marks and Spencer lingerie 7

Eyelash Lace Padded Underwired Longline Plunge Bra, $29 | Eyelash Lace Low Rise Brazilian Knickers, $15

As a fairly curvy and occasionally physically active woman (who let’s be honest, is probably more prone to strutting rather than walking if the swing of my ponytail is anything to go by), the importance of wearing good underwear isn’t lost on me.

And I don’t just mean in a sports bra sense.

Underwear should not be underestimated; it is where looking and feeling good begins.

This month marks 90 years since Marks and Spencer London launched their first bra in the midst of the roaring Twenties and to celebrate, they’ve launched a new collection which includes a flashback to one of their most popular styles.

Just like with fashion, lingerie trends come and go; back in the 20’s, women wanted boyish figures and flatter chests to get the glamorous, straight-up-and-down flapper look – a far cry from the boom of plastic surgery and 2016’s waist-training frenzy to achieve Kim Kardashian’s cult curves.

And somewhere in the middle was this:

Marks and Spencer lingerie 4

This bra was released in the 1970’s when M&S staff were measuring customers’ bra sizes under their coats on the shop floor, and in 1974 the first halter-neck bra was introduced.

Priced at 99p, it was the first M&S bra to sell one million pieces.

Now, the M&S lingerie design team have taken inspiration from original Trellis bra (above) and redesigned it in lace to give it a modern twist.


The Trellis Lace collection is available in magenta, black and almond and this time around an underwire version has also been introduced (yay for those of us with big boobs!).

Marks and Spencer lingerie 2

Trellis Lace Underwired Non Padded Full Cup, $26 | Trellis Lace Knickers, $11

I have to say, as someone whose underwear matches as often as my socks (pretty much never); I’ve been feeling rather glamorous and well supported the past few days wearing some of these gorgeous pieces from their new range.

Marks and Spencer Penelope lingerie 1

Penelope Lace Padded Push-Up Plunge Bra, $26 | Penelope Lace Brazilian Knickers, $11

Marks and Spencer lingerie 3

Editor’s note: Collaboration supported by Marks and Spencer & Shopping Links.

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