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Mali Music On Why He Thinks Gospel Music & R&B Go So Well Together

By Firstladyb


Mali Music On Why He Thinks Gospel Music & R&B Go So Well Together

Mali Music who has been known for his gospel music, is taking his upcoming project “Transition of Mali” on an R&B journey.  The singer who grew up singing in his church choir in Savannah, Georgia shared with Boombox why he feels gospel music and R&B music go so well together.  Check it out:

Blues is the truth of what’s happening. That’s a style of music that people just zone out to. You add rhythm to that, and you can kind of dance to it. But it still [has] strong topics. Gospel is the quickest evolving genre of all of them. This is going from “Amazing Grace,” “What a Friend We Have in Jesus;” then we have the “Oh Happy Day” with the Andraé Crouchs, and it moves to Kirk Franklin and God’s Property. And so gospel music, it just takes leaps. Now we have Lecrae, Andy Mineo. We have Mali Music. You know what I’m saying?

Mali continued,

But the thing about it is, I didn’t want to get locked into a specific genre because I knew I didn’t live enough of my life. So I couldn’t tell all of my stories. I dropped the 2econd Coming when I was 16. I was in Savannah, Georgia. So all I was doing was going to church and going to school. All I knew was to do right, obey the rules and The Ten Commandments. So I couldn’t sing about everything and get the support of my mom and my dad and my church. I was playing at the church, and I was doing what I had to do and what was true to my heart so I could get the support as well as let them know, “Hey, I could do something bigger than what you guys may think.” And I grew from a step there and a step there, and the parade continues.

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