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Malaysian Airlines MH17 – Blasted out of the Sky at 33,000 Feet. Looking at the Astrology of This Awful Tragedy.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


When I heard the news I could not believe it. Another Malaysia Airlines airplane lost. This time though there was no doubt to what happened to it. Flight MH017 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was blown out the sky by a BUK Russian ground to air missile fired from Eastern Ukraine killing all 298 people on board. The incident has been condemned by every world leader, and questions will now be asked of why this appalling tragedy happened…


I had been expecting something to happen. Only yesterday a day ahead of when I would normally put up an article, I put up one about Mercury the planet of transportation and the media making a connection with the fixed star Murzims, nicknamed “the Announcer”. I had a feeling something big was coming, but I didn’t know exactly what. Now we know.

There are so many threads to this story that it is difficult to know where to start but I begin with the chart of the airliner at the moment of impact. The main aspect here is a square from Mars, the planet of action and violence moving in the public 10th house conjunct to the North Node, the point of destiny and square to the Sun and Jupiter newly in Leo. Mars square the Sun raises tensions and the potential for aggressive acts and Jupiter obviously is a link not only to the international impact but also the fact that this was a vehicle on a long distance journey. Both these planets sit in the 8th house of death and destruction. The rulerships here are interesting. The Sun is intercepted in the 8th, Jupiter rules the chart and Mars rules the 4th house of endings, the land and territory. This was an incident prompted by a conflict over land, and one that will shape the destiny of not only that region but the wider world too.

Mercury the planet ruling transport and airlines sits in the Cancer widely opposed to destructive Pluto square to the Moon (people) conjunct the IC at the bottom of the chart and the Midheaven at the top forming a transiting cardinal grand cross. We all know about these in the past few months, and how they force issues and promote change. Mercury was moving onto the star Murzims suggesting a big announcement was coming and as part of this grand cross it was a transformational event (Pluto), with a public (Midheaven) and human element (Moon) to it. Mercury was also trine to Neptune, therefore we has an air of confusion connected in to this story and with both Neptune and Uranus linked to the Ascendant by a square and a trine, the blame games, the smoke and mirrors and the unpredictable and shock nature of the event is very evident.

Netherlands 170714

The Netherlands sadly had 173 of their citizens on board MH17. Against their chart transiting Mercury representing the aircraft was on the Dutch Ascendant at the time of the crash opposed to Pluto sitting close to the point of detriment on the Dutch chart, the South Node in the 7th house of relations with other nations. Certainly the relations between the Netherlands and Russia is going to take a big downturn. Transiting Mars was making three inconjunct aspects at the same time, to the Dutch Sun, Moon (the chart ruler) and Mercury, the planet of news and transport as well as a trine to the Dutch Midheaven, another public connection. This violent event would have touched this nation very deeply, especially as the inconjunct aspect is one of separation and difficult events that hard to come to terms with. There is going to be a lot of anger coming out from the Dutch as a result.

Malaysia 170714

Malaysia – the home of the aircraft and the second air tragedy to affect their national airline this year. You will see Uranus the planet of shocks in the 11th house of companies and groups sitting on the Malaysian Jupiter, thus a link to unpredictable events happening in a foreign country. This connection is square to the Nodal Axis, therefore here is a link to destiny and fate. Jupiter rules the 7th house of relations with other nations that have heightened again due to this awful event. Uranus is making a multitude of aspects here including an inconjunct aspect to Neptune, the ruler of the Midheaven showing this difficult occurrence going to the top of society and having to be dealt with by the Government and leaders. The sense of loss is palpable here as Saturn ruling the 8th house of death and change is making a square to it’s own natal position in the 9th house of overseas affairs and travel.

Ukraine(1991-2) 170714

Ukraine – the place where the shooting down occurred. You’ll see transiting Pluto on the 6th house Uranus with Uranus ruling the 7th and the 8th houses, and this connection shows the destructive and rebellious mood within the relations with other countries and also the death and brutality it is causing. This connection was exact to the second, with an orb of 0.00 degrees!!! Transiting Mercury here was making an inconjunct aspect to Saturn, the planet of loss sitting natally on the descendant, a position of difficulties in relations with others. Transiting Uranus was making an opposition the the Ukrainian natal Moon, sitting in the 4th house of the opposition to the leadership ruling the 12th house of things going behind the scenes, therefore this event was beyond the scope of those in charge of the country. Again with Uranus square to Neptune, the planet of confusion and deception ruling the 9th house of overseas affairs we have another connection to worldwide events.

Russia(1991chart) 170714

Russia and President Putin have their hands all over this conflict and this incident because they were the ones who encouraged the Ukrainian separatists in the East of that country to act in the first place. Uranus on this chart is guess where? Yes the 9th house of overseas events making a nasty inconjunct aspect to Pluto and Venus in the 4th house of land and territory, which Pluto rules showing an element of control and power may be changing because of this awful event. Venus on this chart rules the 3rd house of transportation and vehicles and also is the Midheaven ruler showing the public nature of the destruction of MH17. There is a Russian link here that goes in some manner to the top, and Putin. Uranus is also making squares to the Uranus/Neptune conjunction, again ruling the 7th and 8th houses, just as on the Ukrainian chart, with the same rebellious and confusing effects. Where is transiting Mercury? Directly opposite the Russian Sun representing Putin himself, thus whether he likes it or not, he will be dragged into this incident kicking and screaming.

I hoped in this post to cover all the bases and try to show the situation from as many angles as I could. My heart goes out to all those who lost their lives and the families connected to them. May they rest in peace, may we find out what really went on and who exactly is responsible. I hope that some sanity will now come over those in Eastern Ukraine to sort out the mess that is developing there, if only for the sake of all the loved ones who were so sadly affected…


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