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Main Ek Seedha Saadha.. Hindustani Hoon.. Says the Music Star : Paras Nath

By Parinaaz Mehta @pdm28

Hi, Everyone! I have not done an interview and a feature series on this blog for long. So today, I am going to share a small fun interview session I did with a very renowned music star Paras Nath. I got in touch with Paras through a dear friend, who also is a music, especially a flute lover. She got me addicted to his videos and flute playing and that's when I told her, all music artist have their own style and Paras has a unique way of styling himself. Yes, and that's when I decided to interview him over a telephone to know his style and how important it is to look good for a musician.

Paras Nath is an Indian Bamboo Flute Player since his early childhood. He hails from a renowned family of musicians of Varanasi who have traditionally played for over two and half centuries. Paras has delved into the realms of Shashtriya Sangeet (Indian Classical Music) for more than 15 years now.At the very young age, he possessed a good command over the flute. His recitals were methodical with emphasis on Gayaki Ang. Consistency in sur & laya is the hallmark of his playing. He is the younger son of Pandit Amar Nath, one of the legendary Flutists this country has produced and a great composer known for his 'Vadya Vrind' orchestral endeavours. To know more about him. I am leaving a link to his facebook page.

Main Seedha Saadha.. Hindustani Hoon.. Says Music Star Paras Nath
Main Ek Seedha Saadha.. Hindustani hoon.. says the Music Star : Paras Nath

Paras is all set to launch his new music video Boomerang.. here is the first look

Main Seedha Saadha.. Hindustani Hoon.. Says Music Star Paras Nath
Main Ek Seedha Saadha.. Hindustani hoon.. says the Music Star : Paras Nath

As a flute Artist, how important is styling for you?

Yes, It is important. Looking presentable is essential for people from the industry, but in our profession, people often recognise us for the talent we perceive more than how we appear. Audiences are of different types, everyone attends concerts for numerous reasons, so looking presentable adds a perk to the show. Every artist has a unique style statement so do I, I have been complimented a lot of times for my style.

Who is your style icon from music and entertainment industry?

(smiles), Well it's difficult to choose one but from the music industry, I admire Late Micheal Jackson, Zakir Hussien, Salim Merchant (elegant and suave). I also like Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan for their individualistic style.

What styling tips would you like to give to the budding music artist?

Well, I would like to only say that, if you are performing Indian Classical, wear something Ethnic like a Dhoti Kurta.I personally like picking Dhoti Kurta from Manyavar. If you are western classical then choose. some brands like Jack & Jones, Zara (my personal favourite), H &M.

Every artist has a dream to be styled by some designer, who do you want to be styled by and why?

Yes, my dream designer is Manish Malhotra, In fact, I was fortunate enough to play for his IIFA (2008-2009) Fashion show. It was then my first time at IIFA as I was a part of Salim-Sulieman team. So, yes Manish Malhotra is special and also for the fact that he can make any man look good with his stunning collection.

What is your favourite or personal Style, Indian/ Western/ Fusion?

Main Ek Seedha Saada.. Hindustani Hoon (laughs).. so my personal and favourite style is Indian. I personally find it comfortable and I feel connected to my roots.

As you said looking presentable is important, how do you take care of your Skin and Hair and overall grooming.

Very Important! I am extremely possessive about my hair and a lot of people compliment me over my hair texture and style. Recently, I was travelling to the UK for a music Festival and a young girl (foreigner) came and started playing with my hair and asked me if it's real or not.

So your hair is like your USP right?

(laughs).. you can say that.

Would you like to share some hair care tips to all boys and girls out there?

I see a lot of youngsters.. colouring and doing all sorts of experimentation with their hair. To each his own. My advice to all of them would be

  • Do Not colour or bleach your hair
  • Don't Overload your hair with products
  • Use Coconut and Almond Hair oil Mixture for smooth texture
  • If you have dandruff use lemon
  • Wash your hair with a Shampoo. I personally trust and use Head and Shoulders and L'oreal Shampoo.

Your Sun sign and Birthday

I am a Cancerian- 26 June (Never ask a man his age and Salary (winks)

So Paras! A personal question, Do you have a lady luck or any special women in your life?

(Laughs and Grins) Abhi tak to nahi.. inteezar Hai.. For now, I am enjoying my single days.

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