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Magic – A Familiar Guilty Pleasure

By Eyeandpen @eyeandpen
When I’m traveling, there are a few guilty pleasures that I typically can’t stop myself from indulging in. The funny thing for me is that the Pepsi video above shows a bit of both for me. Anywhere you go in the world, whether it’s Hollywood, Rio or Barcelona, there are street performers everywhere, especially in the areas loaded with tourists. No matter what the trick, the gag, the show or the scam, I always find myself stopping, staying put and watching for a long while. Each and every time, there’s something new to try and discover. With that said, can you guess how this bloke did that trick with the ice cubes?
Oh right, and I mentioned that I have a few guilty pleasures – one of them is indulging with something familiar. It’s nice to relax with an ice cold beverage from time to time. Especially since nearly all things are different and unfamiliar when traveling the world, so a little familiar is nice and can help me relax and recharge, ready to take on the next task or challenge.
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