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Madison Baxter is Cut from Football Team Because the Boys Could Have ‘impure’ Thoughts

Posted on the 28 June 2013 by Real Talk @talkrealdebate2012

Madison BaxterMadison Baxter is a 12-year-old girl who up until recently played on her school’s football team.  Madison states that she loves to play football because it helps her focus and set goals.  Madison was disheartened to learn that the CEO of her Catholic school decided that she could no longer participate in the male-dominated sport.  The CEO is worried that the ‘maturing’ boys would begin to have ‘impure’ thoughts.

Madison’s mother is upset with the school’s decision.  She doesn’t understand how one could state that GOD doesn’t want this girl playing on the football team.  The school’s CEO states that Madison should not be around what could be inappropriate locker room talk.  Supposedly, the measure is to protect Madison as well as the boys.  Madison plays defensive end.  Her coaches state that she is pretty good at her position.  The move wasn’t based on her performance. 

Some critics have suggested that a girl should never have been playing in a “male” sport in the first place.  They argue that such an action only “demeans” the masculinity of the sport and therefore the masculinity of young boys.  In addition, they argue that many of the boys will become afraid to tackle Madison, because they don’t want to “hurt” her.  They say that it is a fact that men become stronger than woman and at some point Madison will become injured.

The problem of course is that Madison wasn’t ejected from the team based on her performance; nor based on her well-being.  She was let go because of the potential actions of her teammates.  So because her peers could potentially become perverts Madison can longer pursue her sport.  I have a problem with this.  Instead of addressing the potential issue with the boys, the female player gets punished.

If Madison wants to play football then she should be allowed to do so.  I think she should be treated the same on the field.  If she physically can’t handle the sport then she shouldn’t be on the team.  But based on what I’ve read she is one of the better players.  I think maybe the reason for this decision is a direct result of a parent complaining that this talented young girl is “embarrassing” their son.

What do you think?

Should girls be allowed to play football?

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