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Mad Men's Don Draper Continues to Represent Maybelline in 1966 and 68 and Roger Sterling Identify's with Beach Boys Song "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" While Taking LSD in 1966

By Sharriewilliams

I just happened to catch this scene on Mad Men a few weeks ago and was surprised to see this 1960's Maybelline ad still up on the active client bulletin board.  (in the upper left corner.)  Mad Men takes place in 1968 this Season. My great uncle Tom Lyle Williams had just sold the Maybelline Company to Plough Inc. December 29th, 1967.  The same Maybelline ad appeared on Mad Men,  last Season in 2012. Roger Sterling, ‘Mad Men”s sophisticated sliver-haired ad executive, went on an LSD trip with help from the 1966 Beach Boys classic ‘I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times
Beach Boy's I Just Wasn't Made For These Times....

My cousin Chuck Williams BB1 and The Beach Boys

Next week I will be posting the entire 1960's chapter of Maybelline Story, (the chapter that was glossed over in my book.)  It is by far the most extensive "behind the scenes view" of The Maybelline Company ever told, by one of the last living  Maybelline 'Mad Men,' Executives,  Harris A Neil Jr.  Be sure to check in on Monday. PAST POSTS ON MAD MEN  Mad Men Returns Which Means Don Draper Is On The Prowl Mar 20, 2012

Be sure to watch Mad Men, season 5, on Sunday, and if you haven't been following it, catch up on all the seasons with Netflix. It's one of the best shows on TV, especially if you love vintage. (And, especially because there are ... THE MAYBELLINE STORY : MAD MEN'S NEW CLIENT IS ... May 21, 2012
Here is another similar Maybelline ad. Tom Lyle Williams, Maybelline's owner, sold Maybelline to Plough Inc. in December of 1967. I was just amazed to see this ad on Mad Men and am so happy I just happened to catch a ... The original MAD MEN... came out of the Maybelline Co. Mar 21, 2012
YOU KNOW, THE ONE THING ABOUT DON DRAPER FROM MAD MEN IS HE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE OF HUMOR. I HOPE HE PLAY'S TOM LYLE IF THE MAYBELLINE STORY EVERY BECOMES AN HBO MOVIE,... THE MAYBELLINE STORY : Maybelline - The Original Mad Men in ... Apr 19, 2011 Way before the fictional Mad Men series set the world on fire, creating a mega advertising company in New York in the 1960's, there where the original Mad Men of Chicago set in the early half of the 20TH Century, ...

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