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Ma I Love You Even Though It Might Seem Hard To Believe Sometimes :)

By Lookingoodfeelingfab @lookingoodfeel
Dear Ma,I have always been aware of the fact that you have made tremendous sacrifices and endured unimaginable circumstances for the sake of your children. Now that I am a mother this awareness has matured into immense amount of respect for what you did for us and admiration for how you did it.You loved me and worried about me even though I kept you up all night and wailed all day. You did my holiday home work for me so I could go out and play. You walked in the heat, to get me  samosas I was craving, and you got me not one but five. You never ate the things we loved, just so that you could see us enjoying themIndianFashionBlog
I dont say thank you to you everyday even though I know I should. Even if I do say the words I dont think thank you's will be enough for all the things you have taught me and all the influence you have had on me.Thank you ma for shielding us from sticky situations always. Thank you for imprinting into our minds what kind of guys to not marry. For believing in me when I had almost given up. For praying for me and more importantly teaching me how to pray for myself. For slapping a teenage me - ma I did deserve it. Thank you for the life I have and for the person I am - everything I am and will be, is all thanks to you.IndianFashionBlogLooking back I can clearly see the amount of pain and anxiety I have caused you. Today I understand that the most difficult and gruesome thing for a parent is to helplessly be witness to their childs self destructive decisions and watch them go down a path that is sure to lead to destruction. I made you endure this, you warned me repeatedly but I thought I knew better.There was a phase when instead of being a support for you I became the cause of a lot of  hurt, defeat and disappointment for you. Then you decided to take charge and single handedly changed our destiny.We have been through so much together Ma, good times and bad, it has definitely strengthened our bond. There is so so much that you have given to me that words are not enough to express my gratitude. I know we still fight sometimes but deep within I love you so much even when I am saying just the opposite. I love you doll. Seeing you happy keeps me happy. Keep smiling keep laughing..Love always
AshuWishing all the mothers a very happy Mothers Day, every day you create the future.want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us

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