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Luther Strange Refuses To Take Reporter's Questions In The Wake Of News About AG's Extramarital Affair

Posted on the 31 July 2013 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler

Luther Strange Refuses To Take Reporter's Questions In The Wake Of News About AG's Extramarital Affair

Luther Strange and
 Jessica Medeiros Garrison

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange recently refused to take questions from a reporter for one of the most widely read news Web sites in the state. Strange, it appears, was in a huff because the site had linked to our recent report about the AG's extramarital affair with a former campaign aide .

Strange spoke last week at the Dothan Rotary Club and the Houston County Bar Association, refusing to speak with reporters after both events. As Strange was leaving the bar association talk on Tuesday, a reporter for approached Strange with some questions, only to receive insults about his family in return. (See video at the end of this post.)

Rickey Stokes provides details in a post titled "Luther Strange Takes Digs At My Deceased Dad, My Mother With Alzheimer's, and Me." Here is how Stokes describes his encounter with our state's chief law-enforcement officer:

On Tuesday Strange spoke to the Houston County Bar Association breakfast at Dothan Country Club. Strange made sure he avoided me while he was there. As Strange started to leave I was between the door and the black Ford Expedition used to haul him around. As Strange passed me I asked for a interview and was persistent. After Strange sit down in the Ford Expedition used to haul him around in, he exited the vehicle to downgrade me and my parents.
Strange exited and said he did not interview with people who did not tell the truth, that his parents raised him to tell the truth and apparently I was not raised that way and he would be praying for me. With that said Strange returned to the Ford Expedition used to haul him around in with his Executive Security Agent closing the door. I told Strange he was a chicken for not interviewing and he drove off.

Strange had promised at some point to answer Stokes' questions, but something made him change his mind. What got under Luther Strange's skin? For one, Stokes had criticized Strange's response to the hostage/school bus standoff at Midland City in January. For another, Strange apparently is bothered by our reporting on his long-running affair with former campaign manager Jessica Medeiros Garrison and  . . . well, here is Rickey Stokes' perspective:

Second, Strange took offense to the fact I linked to the Legal Schnauzer article where it made reference to allegations that Luther Strange had an extramarital affair with one of his campaign staff persons.
Rickey Stokes did not make the accusation, nor did I find the article. The article was pointed out to me and it needed to be posted. So I linked the article.
I do not know if Strange had an affair, nor did I intend to ask him about it, well until he was avoiding me.

Stokes has other thoughts on why Strange wanted to avoid his questions:

If the information of the Legal Schnauzer is not true, then what is wrong with saying "that is an outright lie, not true at all". Or, are you afraid to answer because you will deny and are afraid of what proof there might be out there that someone might have?
So if you avoid the person out of fear of being asked the tough question, then you can use you Executive Security as a shield and not have to answer. The truth should be the truth, right?
So, Luther is hiding.

The irony of having an adulterer lecture you about honesty surely was not lost on Rickey Stokes. Neither, I'm sure, was the irony of having an adulterer offer you his prayers.

Rickey Stokes has Luther Strange figured out--and that's why the AG wants no part of his questions. Here is a video of their recent confrontation:

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