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Luther Strange Continues Bob Riley's Crusade By Raiding Non-Indian Gaming Facility at White Hall

Posted on the 02 November 2012 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler

Luther Strange Continues Bob Riley's Crusade By Raiding Non-Indian Gaming Facility at White Hall

Casino at White Hall

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, proving once again that he is bought and sold by the Poarch Creek tribe, raided a non-Indian gaming facility today at White Hall. Is this a response to reports that Republicans loyal to former Governor Bob Riley--and Strange definitely is one--have been soliciting Indian gambling funds to attack non-Indian gaming facilities?
It sure looks that way from here. And we have to ask: Where in the heck is Governor Robert Bentley? Is he aware of how dangerous this situation might become? Does he care?
We already know that Strange received a $100,000 campaign donation from the Poarch Creeks. Big Luther showed that the investment is paying off by authorizing a raid today on the non-Indian gaming facility at White Hall.
If the standard used in the Don Siegelman case applies, this looks like the kind of "quid pro quo" that should land Big Luther in an oversized federal prison cell. But Strange obviously is not concerned about the Obama Justice Department suddenly growing a spine, assuming Obama wins re-election. And Strange is willing to take shamelessness to all new levels. From the Montgomery Advertiser:
Authorities Friday served a search warrant on Southern Star Entertainment Center in Lowndes County and seized 350 machines, according to a release Friday afternoon from Attorney General Luther Strange. 
“Today’s actions are the culmination of an investigative process over the last several months,” Strange said in a statement. “From my first day in office, I have worked to ensure that illegal gambling laws are enforced consistently across the state.” 
Authorities also seized an undisclosed amount of cash from the facility in White Hall.

Strange apparently said this with a straight face, even though we now have convincing evidence that his fellow Riley Robots have been actively seeking Indian gaming money. And this is from a group of politicians who supposedly have a moral objection to gambling. We can thank Bill Britt, at the Alabama Political Reporter, for the latest news about GOP hypocrisy. And we also know that Republican operatives have responded by using threats and bullying tactics against Britt.
Is Luther Strange the biggest bully of all by launching what appears to be a bogus raid on White Hall--probably in response to Bill Britt's reporting?
Here is a more important question for citizens to ponder: The Alabama Supreme Court established during the Bob Riley administration that the governor is the ultimate law-enforcement officer in our state. That means current Governor Robert Bentley has the authority to usurp Strange's power and take charge over this dangerous situation. So where is Bentley?
Having law-enforcement personnel conduct raids on businesses that, until recently were deemed to be operating lawfully, is a recipe for disaster. How long before someone at one of these businesses decides enough is enough and fights back?
I predict someone is going to get hurt or killed if Luther Strange's silliness continues. Robert Bentley has ultimate law-enforcement authority in our state. The Alabama Supreme Court has made that determination. When is Bentley going to act on his legal authority? Does someone have to die before Bentley wakes up?

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