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Lush: Honey I Washed The Kids Shower Gel (250g)

By Balmainbeauty @BalmainBeauty
I'm finally getting around to posting about Honey I Washed The Kids "HIWTK", which is a very pleasant honey scented shower gel. This was a fave of mine a few year's ago and I don't know why I didn't keep buying it, but I'm re-discovering it and falling in love with it all over again in 2014!
Lush: Honey I Washed The Kids Shower Gel (250g)Firstly, it's such a cute name and secondly it smell's devine, it's probably one of the most pleasant smelling shower gel's I've used, it really last's on my skin for a good amount of time after I shower. It also leaves my bathroom smelling nice, it's smell's that nice that I just want to eat it. It definitely smell's like a rich honey, there's some other nice scent's in there as well eg. Rosehip, Lotus Flowers, Tiger Lily Infusion, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Bergamot Oil and Limonene.
The first time I started using it again (within the last month) I thought the scent was leaning more toward's a Honey Toffee but now I've used it quite a few more time's, I can definitely say it smell's of a luxurious honey - it's not too strong, not too light, it's just right.
This bottle will last quite a while and as with all Lush product's everything is handmade, this product is best used fresh, it was made in August 2013 and I bought it in December 2013 and it's good until October 2014 so I'll definitely get around to using it up well before mid-October.
Here's what Lush say about HIWTK:
God bless mother nature! for giving us all the honey and exotic flowers we've squeezed into this bottle. Sweet, softening gel for honey-scented hair and skin.
The antibacterial action of honey helps thoroughly clean and soothe the skin.Lush: Honey I Washed The Kids Shower Gel (250g)It say's it's good for hair and skin but I've not yet tried it on my hair but I'll definitely give it a try.
If I had to choose just 3 permanent Lush shower gel's to use the rest of my life, they'd be in this order:
HIWTK, The Olive Branch and Flying Fox but if I could choose any of the shower gel's from the permanent range and the limited edition range my all-time fave Lush shower gel's are:
1. Twilight [a seasonal, once a year release]
2. Snow Fairy [another seasonal, once a year] (November until early-January)
3. Honey I Washed The Kids [Permanent]
If you get a chance to go into a  Lush shop, I definitely suggest you smell this shower gel and if you haven't tried it before you can purchase the 100g bottle for about NZ$11.50 so give it a try and I hope that you'll like it as much as I do.
There's also a HIWTK soap but as it's also been a while since I've bought and used that product so I can't remember if it's got the exact same scent as the shower gel but seeing as they're both named HIWTK I don't think the scent's would be totally different. From memory I also liked the soap too.
My other fave Lush shower gel's are: Retro, Rose Jam and Ponche. Unfortunately, I've not yet tried Dirty Springwash, Grass or Happy Hippy but they're on my list to try the next time I'm near a Lush shop in Auckland. Sadly, my closest Lush store was in Tauranga, which was a 90 minute trip in each direction but it closed down last year but I can at least re-stock by ordering from the Lush NZ website.
I bought this along with quite a few other's in the last day to be delivered before Christmas 2013 and I spent over $100 and qualified for Free courier shipping (usually $9). HIWTK was NZ$19.90 for a 250g bottle. I'm definitely upsizing to the 500g bottle when I go to place another order which is $29.90.
Please comment below and let me know which Lush shower gel(s) are your fave(s).

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