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Loving Local: Sac Fashion, Bloggers and More Hats

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz
Loving Local: Sac Fashion, Bloggers and more HatsLoving Local: Sac Fashion, Bloggers and more HatsLoving Local: Sac Fashion, Bloggers and more HatsHi, my name is Bella, and I'm a Sacramento Fashion Blogger. I live just off the grid in Sacramento, California, and I live, breathe, and blog Sacramento fashion. So you shouldn't be too surprised that I was in my favorite vintage and hand-made boutique with my homeslice Kerry Dolan (see above) trying on different hats, and making quite possibly the best hat purchase of my life. I've waxed poetic about Crimson & Clover many, many times, and you can be sure I'll wax like candlelight about them in the future so I'll leave it at that.
Nicole and Kara, the lovely ladies who are Crimson & Clover co-sponsored the first ever Sacramento Fashion Blogger meet-up last year, and since, many of us have become fast friends. In fact, I would venture to say a community sprung up from that meet-up, and many of the same friendly faces met-up late last month to say hello to a couple of new faces, and goodbye to a cherished one.
Loving Local: Sac Fashion, Bloggers and more HatsKara, one half of Crimson & Clover is also a designer making fun and affordable clothes and jewelry under the label Porkchop Rules. I am a big collector of her novelty rings, but more important than that, I'm a big fan of hers. You see, Kara is pretty much one of the most supportive people I've ever met. Laid back, friendly and charming, Kara is always telling me about other folks I might want to add to the blogger group, and I've met some pretty great people through her.  She also throws her support behind our various vintage ventures- I mean she's co-owner to one of the BEST vintage shop in Sacramento and she takes the time to come out to my vintage sales and buy a few pieces? She does, and did. That's just how she is. 
Recently her and Nicole have added one of my all time favorite people to the Crimson & Clover family. Kerry Dolan, who blogs Fashion, Farms and Freedom as well as being part of the Street Style SACRAMENTO team recently created her line of California country vintage, EQUINE-BOVINE, and you can find it on the racks at Crimson and Clover. She seriously has mad, mad style and the best eye for vintage pieces, so if you get a chance, stop by Crimson and Clover and have a gander.
Which brings me to our recent Sacramento Fashion Blogger meet-up.
Last Thursday, the Sacramento Fashion Blogger group met at the ThinkHouse and big a fond farewell to beloved Angeline of the New Professional who is moving from Sacramento, California to Florida. I don't think you could find two more different dressers than me and Angeline but I tell ya, from the moment I met her and read her blog, I've been hooked- she will make a grown up of me yet! Angeline, you are a sweet light in the bloggerhood, and I will miss you at our Sacramento meet-ups. Here's wishing you many great Miami adventures!

We also took the opportunity to say hello to Vanessa of Queen VII's Reveries who has spent the last couple of years in Germany, and has just moved with her husband and daughter back to Sactown.  I love, love, love her style and her easy-going attitude, am a devoted reader of her blog, so have been looking forward in meeting this bright-eyed lovely! Let me just say, Vanessa didn't disappoint. She is warm and chill and it felt like I've known her already for years. I'm so glad she's in our group and got to meet the crowd.Loving Local: Sac Fashion, Bloggers and more HatsThe Crowd:(Back Row) Angeline/ The New Professional, Vanessa/ Queen VII's Revelries, Skylar/ Let it Reign, Kari Shipman/ Juniper James, Melody/ It's All Happening, Sarah/ Classroom Chic, Madeleine, social media maven(Front Row) Nikki/ Lil Bits of Nik-Nak, Kerry/ Fashion Farms and Freedom /Street Style SACRAMENTO, Ann /Annimal House, Bella Q/ The Citizen Rosebud/ Street Style SACRAMENTO, Kara /Porkchop Does Rule

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