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Lovely Janeites: What Would Jane Do? Author Sherri Rabinowitz Wonders ...

By Mariagrazia @SMaryG
LOVELY JANEITES: WHAT WOULD JANE DO? AUTHOR SHERRI RABINOWITZ WONDERS ...As I began the process of writing my first non-fiction book I tried to figured a way to tackle it.  I have several favorite writers and one of the tops in my book is Jane Austen.  My thought at the time as I began the process was, “What would Jane do?”  How would she handle the transition of writing non-fiction after years of writing fiction?
As I continued the process of writing down memories, settling them in some sort of order I kept thinking about Jane Austen and her talent for writing about everyday life.  She was able to take ordinary things like fighting with her mother, and make it into a brilliant comedy scene in her novels.  Or going to a dance in her neighborhood, and translate it into the scene where Lizzie first meets Darcy.  What I needed to do was the reverse, to take my real life and write it so it is both honest and entertaining.  Not the easiest of missions.
Jane Austen was great at irony, especially literary irony, I wondered about that as I wrote memoir.  I could feel a great deal of irony coming out in the story of my life.  I wondered, “Is that normal?”  Then I thought, “Well it is my normal?”  So I went on writing as I felt I should and as I wrote I felt I had Jane sitting next to me, either nodding her head or shaking it.  I know it is odd to say to say of someone who began writing 228 years ago, but I have always felt connected to her.  I have read almost every Jane Austen book I could get my greedy hands on, so I felt quite sane having her as my spiritual mentor.
Well the memoir is done and published, I hope Jane approves.Sherri Rabinowitz Sherri's Memoir: Entering My Second HalfLOVELY JANEITES: WHAT WOULD JANE DO? AUTHOR SHERRI RABINOWITZ WONDERS ...Turning fifty was the first time I really felt my age. I always felt and looked younger then I actually am chronologically. I still do look younger then I am but feel it, no not quite. I have aches and pains that I never felt before. Also I have not in my opinion reached my full potential yet.
As I watch young celebrities panicking about reaching thirty years old and getting botox, I shake my head. At thirty I was still being carded. I was still asked if I was old enough to work in this office. Thirty? They are children!
Believe me kids, Thirty is nothing. Now Fifty that is a brick wall that you have to watch out for. All of the sudden you ache in places you have never even thought of before. You have problems with parts of your body that worked perfectly the year before.You gain weight easier, and it is harder to get it off. 
Fifty is what they should be worried about.This is what I learned.
Check it out on amazon.comAbout the authorLOVELY JANEITES: WHAT WOULD JANE DO? AUTHOR SHERRI RABINOWITZ WONDERS ...Sherri has been writing since she was a small child. She was inspired by Ray Bradbury and Agatha Christie. She had always loved writing but has had to make a living in a varied number of ways. She worked as an actress, a travel agent and in several forms of customer service. Her passion though has always been writing. She loves and enjoys both reading and writing fan fiction.Her first book Murder Inc. was a fan favorite, Fantasy Time Inc. was nominated for a Global Ebook Award. Her brand new book; Different Is Beautiful is already a best seller. It has been #2 in hot releases, #2 in Early Childhood Education and #3 in Preschool & Kindergarten on Amazon! And it won the Gold (First Place) for Global Ebook Awards for Children Picture Books Fiction category! Follow Sherri on Twitter or  Facebook

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