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Love Your Company? Why Don’t You and Your Work Colleagues Pay It a Rap Homage?

Posted on the 23 November 2011 by Periscope @periscopepost
Love your company? Why don’t you and your work colleagues pay it a rap homage?

Rap is no longer an underground form of music. Photo credit: Elly Jonez

Rap music started out as a gritty urban underground sound. But it’s no secret that rap is today very much part of the mainstream. Rap-tinged performances are a regular regular feature on family-orientated talent shows contests such as The X Factor and adverts frequently use hip-hop beats and rap lyrics to (hopefully) inject a product with a little street cred. Regardless of rap’s journey from the ghettoes of New York to the mainstream, it’s still something of a surprise to hear employees at an interactive marketing, creative design, and technology services agency rapping about how much they love working for their firm. That’s why Sapient Nitro’s Idea Engineers’ frankly cringeworthy music video has gone viral.

It turns out the Sapient Nitro workers aren’t the first crew to rap about their love for creative technology solutions:

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