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Love Sweet Love

By Colloquial Wordsmiths

When I saw you for the first tym
Coming out of the blues
You misted like a fairy
Dressed in the white serenity.


The smile you have
And the eyes those pierce.
The eyelashes that shimmer
Asking my soul to come near.


The feelings I am having were
Closed in the box locked in the darkness.
You just came to me to bring the lights
With the keys to open the heartless rocks.


My feelings just pop out to say
That you are the one.
Whom I can let myself away,
The one who can bring me back from the cave.


You are not just friend to me
But something more.
You are not just love to me that won’t last long
But something that I will carry with me forever.


I know you are broken inside
And coming to you be just a lie.
But I want to tell you
That only you will be there till I die.


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