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Love: Sobriety Fitness Inspires Me to Love!

By Sobrfit3
Written By:  Cathy Shuba
"Happy Wednesday!"
Today I have love!  Today I like to share what inspires me to love with all of you who come to my blog and Sobriety Fitness group on Facebook.  Sobriety Fitness is love!  Sobriety Fitness inspires me to love me and everyone in my life.  Today I would like to share with you why I started Sobriety Fitness.  So many people have asked me what is Sobriety Fitness?  Is it a fitness routine?...sort of!  Is it a new recovery program?...sort of!  The real answer to this...I say it inspires love for myself mentally, spiritually and physically.  I say it is me!  I say it is everything I practice in my recovery.  I say it is physical recovery as well as spiritual and mental.  I say it is a challenge.  I say it is a workout in itself.  I say it is God's way and will for me to share my experience, strength and hope.  I say it is my passion.  I say it is all I hope for so many people to have, experience and feel on a daily basis.  I say it is Sobriety Fitness!  On the other hand, I am not a fitness instructor, sports professional or certified trainer.  I am not a phony, a want to be or someone trying to be someone I am not.  I am the one that occasionally feels sadness, anger, resentment, loneliness and all sorts of different feelings and emotions, but just because I may occasionally feel that way does not mean I do not have peace, love and forgiveness in my heart.  I am the one who is inspired by everyone I meet.  I am the one who goes to meetings and can not wait to be inspired by someone or some situation to change my thoughts, to grow, to accept and mostly to love.  I am the one who is courageous in sharing all my personal and wonderful experiences I have had in my recovery with all of you.  I am the one who runs almost 3 to 4 miles a day.  I am the one who tells the truth of how I feel and not tell you what you want to hear or what I think you want to hear.  I am the one who is a recovering alcoholic and works a 12 step program.  I am the one who is grateful to all my family and friends who inspire, support and love me for who I am.  I am love.  I am Sobriety fitness!
Why did I start Sobriety Fitness?  I say I started it to pay it forward to all those who gave to me and of course, some added fitness to the mix.  I say I started it to help me in some ways I needed help.  In other words, I started it to help me with the fears I still had.  For instance, fear of people not liking my blog.  Fear of people not liking me.  Fear of people not liking my Facebook group.  Fear of not pleasing everyone.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of failure.  Fear of not being good enough.  Fear of not helping anyone,...enough.  Today all these fears are gone because I pushed through it.  That area of fear that left me with thin skin has vanished.  My skin is thicker than leather because I worked through it.  I faced it!  I conquered it!  I no longer have fear of what people think of me, my blog or my Facebook group.  I am free!  I have faith in me.  I have hope!  Furthermore, I say I started it in hopes to bring people together regardless of their recovery program.  I say I started it in hopes to bring people acceptance of one another.  I say I started it in hopes for people from all over the world who are suffering with an addiction of any kind to know they can come to my site or my Facebook group and know they will be accepted, loved and most of all safe to share their experience, strength and hope regardless if they are in a 12 step program or not.  I say I started it in hopes to unite others with love, understanding and respect for one another regardless of their choice in their recovery.  I say I started it in hopes for others who do not share or believe in a God in their life to feel safe and accepted when sharing their own experience, strength and hope with all of us that choose to have a God our life.  I started it in hopes for me to see me and others to see themselves rather it be good or bad and have a chance to grow and learn from others in a more positive and healthy way.  I started it in hopes for all of us in recovering regardless of our addiction or those who live with an addict or alcoholic to feel a togetherness without judgement, criticism and out-casting behaviors.  I know my hopes are big and some may say unrealistic but as long as my hopes do not harm, judge or belittle anyone I think my hopes are pretty positive!  I think my hopes are love.  I feel Sobriety Fitness has inspired me to love myself and others in so many ways.  I think Sobriety Fitness inspires me to love!  I think...Sobriety Fitness is a healthier way of living! least for me!
Do you visit my blog?  Do you belong to my Sobriety Fitness group on Facebook?  If so, I hope you enjoy it and feel all the things I hope so many will feel in their!  Today, I will run with love in my heart knowing whatever I say or do I am love!
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