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LOVE-ly Quilling by Manuela Koosch

By Ann Martin @allthingspaper
With Valentine's Day on the horizon, it's only fitting to feature bright red images and even better, one that firmly declares love. The eye-catching canvas was created by Manuela Koosch of Bucharest, Romania. She is a quilling designer who has been working with on-edge paper strips just a little more than two years.
Manuela recently shared a series of square, canvas works on her blog Quilling by ManuK that included this striking quillography.

Quilled lettering is so very popular and I'm always happy to come across new tutorials that explain this tricky technique... each of us can glean tips from one another. Manuela shares her method here and also recommends a post by Pritesh Ananth Krishman in which she details the outlining of a printed letter.

I'm captivated by this bright red poppy that Manuela posted recently. The next picture is worth a thousand words in showing the way she did the special technique called husking that makes use of a cork board and plenty of straight pins.
Manuela told me she discovered quilling completely by accident while searching for an origami tutorial. After coming upon a video that featured quilled flowers, her first thought was that it must take infinite patience to make such beautiful things. She initially dismissed it as being too time-consuming, but the images stayed so fresh in her mind she decided to give quilling a try. Needless to say it went well!
"Everything I know about this type of paper craft I learned from the internet. The quilling community is full of wonderful and incredibly talented people, and new ideas spread like fire. Today an artist invents a type of flower in Malaysia and the next day quillers around the world know how to make it. I love being a part of this."
She quilled this perfect, cursive thank you when her Facebook page reached a goal recently. A big thank you right back to you, Manuela, for sharing your work and instructions!

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