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Love Letters from Lotus Lodge: Let's Celebrate Today as New Earth Day!

By Bethschreibmangehring


   JULY 17, 2012   



   We celebrate Christmas!     

  We celebrate Easter!

  We Celebrate the 4th of July!      

  We celebrate our Birthdays!

  Why celebrate Earth Day?


  I love Mother Earth - I bless it Daily, it is our home.  Many people have given their lives to save her   for us.


  I was up at six A.M. - walking my land (God's Land) with my dogs - blessing the Earth, Sky, Sun, Trees, Streams... Heaven on Earth.  As I bless Mother Earth - the blessings flow around me - through me-what I think what I feel- becomes my Reality!


  I am imaging Earth and Heaven merging, thrilling- swirling- A New Earth Day, another opportunity to Awaken the Universe to clean house -our thoughts and feelings, if less than perfect.  Rather than saying "what is this Earth coming to" in a negative way, let it be a New Beginning make it a Heaven on Earth Day filled with gratitude, harmony, love and devotion. Celebrate New Earth Day with me today!



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