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Louisiana Rejects Child Protection Law - Children Under 10 Can Have Access to Guns - No Problem

Posted on the 25 April 2014 by Mikeb302000
Guns dot com A bill that would have made it a crime to expose a gun to a child in Louisiana was soundly defeated 8-4 in a House committee vote Wednesday. The legislation would have made it illegal to intentionally expose children under age ten to a firearm that was not locked in a container or secured by a locking device. Introduced earlier this month, HB 1189 was crushed during hearing of the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee with bipartisan opposition. “I’m not asking you to give your gun up … I’m only asking you to protect those children,” said Rep. Barbara Norton, (D-Shreveport), the bill’s sponsor to the committee. “I hope one day in the state of Louisiana that we put children first. I am hoping and praying.”

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