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Lots and Lots of Excellent News Today on This Presidential Election

Posted on the 02 September 2020 by Morage @kebmebms

Lots of Excellent News Today on this Presidential Election

 Yes, lots of great things today hitting this President. First up...

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New poll shows Trump's tough path to reelection

One of the first major national polls released after the Republican National Convention shows former Vice President Joe Biden with an almost double-digit lead over President Trump.
The survey, conducted by veteran pollster Ann Selzer for Grinnell College, finds Biden leading 49 percent to 41 percent, on the strength of a huge advantage among female voters, suburbanites and Americans with a college degree...

This incredibly good news hit minutes ago.
Biden opens up 10-point lead over Trump in new Quinnipiac Poll
It goes on from there.
Next up...

Biden campaign, DNC raise record $364.5 million in August

Fantastic.  Loving it. Loving that, for sure.
Trump campaign says it 'can't ignore' Biden-Harris major fundraising haul in appeal to supporters
And then there's this that hit 2 days ago.

Trump’s popularity slips in latest Military Times poll

Military Times poll: Trump trails Biden by nearly 6 points

Active-Duty Troops Support Biden Over Trump

That's huge. And very welcome, naturally. Shouldn't be terribly surprising since he not only didn't support the troops when it was found he, Trump, didn't and wouldn't try to punish Russia for putting a cash bounty on them in field in Afghanistan and still hasn't, to this day. Insane.
Then there's this wonderfulness.

Biden leads Trump in 9 battleground states, polling shows

Leading overall, yes, which is, again, fantastic and important but also leading in 9 battleground states. Yahoo, ladies and gentlemen.
Next up. Yet more goodness. Yes, it's bad news for America and I'd certainly rather not have that but the silver lining to this big, ugly, dark cloud is that most Presidents aren't reelected with bad economies.
Private sector adds 428K workers in August as job growth slows: ADP
Ford tells employees buyouts are coming as it aims to cut white-collar workforce by roughly 1,400
Then it was announced Joe Biden also got this support.
81 Nobel laureates endorse Biden's White House bid
Finally, today, this came out about 10 days ago, from the Republican held Senate.
Republicans incriminate Trump, decimate his 'Russia hoax' narrative
Unfortunately, there is a high likelihood this will get lost in myriad news cycles but hey, it was out there and will remain.
So all in all, campers, great news for those of us interested in Democracy and what is good for the United States, for the nation and the people.  Let's do this.
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