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London Olympic Games 2012 – One Year to Go. A Look at the Astrology of the Opening Day.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Olympic torch

One year from today, the 30th Olympic games open in London, my home city. I write with just a little pride as we in London prepare to open our doors and hearts to the world. We in Britain are true sports fans, partisan for our own athletes but also fair in praise to others who do well. We do have our own unique style in the UK and despite the weather (it will rain) and the economic gloom across the globe, one thing the British know how to do is have a party. I look at the astrology of the opening day, the one that sets the scene for the month of sport and competition that follows.


The opening ceremony is due to start on 27th July 2012 at around 19.30. It is due to end at 22.30, but these things never run to time. So I am basing the chart on lighting the flame at 22.30. This gives a 5th house Sun and Mercury conjunction in proud Leo, very apt for an event embracing sport and competition. This makes a mini grand trine with Uranus in the 1st house and Jupiter on the cusp of the 2nd and 3rd. Uranus in the 1st trine Mercury is all about technology and as we know Britain is one of the world’s leading creative forces in graphics and design. Watch out for some stunning technical effects in the opening ceremony. Jupiter at the point of the mini grand trine and is in Gemini. This says communication out to the world, a multi cultural experience. Seeing as the stadium itself in Stratford in the heart of the East End which is a melting pot of cultures, I am sure that the highlight of these Games will be the open accessibility to all peoples & nations. Jupiter is optimistic and jovial, this is going to be one long party.

There is a very dynamic t-square from Uranus in Aries in the 1st house to Mars in Libra in the 7th square to Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th. Here is competition at it’s fullest with so much Aries (Mars) influence with a social angle (Libra) striving for the ultimate achievement (Pluto). Uranus makes a quindecile to Saturn in the 7th – this aspect equates to pushing back the boundaries – will there be an exceptional amount of records set in these games? Venus in the 3rd is colourful, creative and elegant. The venues are exceptional and iconic (I include a few photos at the bottom) and Venus makes a trine to Saturn showing a connection to the structures & buildings in the Olympic park. In this aspect there is an aspect of security (Venus is ruled by Taurus) which will be much heightened during the event.

The two other planets in the chart will be peregrine (unaspected by any major aspect) when the games are opened. It is quite unusual for one to be peregrine, for two is most unusual. The Moon in the 8th in Scorpio and Neptune in the 12th in Pisces. Both of these two planets will dominate the chart. The Moon in the 8th in Scorpio smacks to me of big business, yet with no aspect, there is a disconnect here. The Olympics need the finance of big business to exist, but unusually no visible advertising is allowed to be shown during the games around the venues.With a quindecile (not a major aspect) to Jupiter, these games financially I believe will be a roaring success.  The other planet is Neptune, here is the dream, the aspiration, the spirit, the cheating. With Neptune so prominent in it’s own sign of Pisces, I fear drugs will rear their ugly head once again.

Have a look at some of the pictures from the Olympic Venues, it’s gonna be fabulous…

Olympic Stadium night

Aquatic Centre 1

Aquatic Centre 2




handball arena

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