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Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Air Crash – Russian Ice Hockey Team Victim of a “Moon Wobble”

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Today just after 16.00, one of the most devastating in a series of recent Russian air crashes occurred. An airliner on a charter flight from the Russian city of Yaroslavl bound for Minsk in Belorussia carrying the city’s ice hockey team failed to lift off properly after take-off and hit a riverbank in a ball of flames, pretty much wiping out in one go the whole team, and plunging a nation into tears of sadness. Ice hockey is the national sport in Russia, however this tragedy will be felt worldwide, as the team had several star international players and a Canadian coach.


The heavens have been rather fraught recently, based around the Pluto Uranus square. At the approximate time of the crash, we found destructive Pluto in the first house and Uranus, the planet of accidents in the 3rd house of transportation. There were also several t-squares in operation. There was a rather difficult Moon Mars Saturn t-square with Saturn at the point in the 9th house of long distance travel and yet more crucially I think a batch of t-squares based around a North Node Ascendant conjunction.

Many years ago, an astrologer and mathematician called Carl Payne Tobey did a series of charts of plotting the position of the planets when major disasters happened including fire, weather related incidents & major accidents with loss of life etc. He found that many of these incidents occurred when the Nodal Axis was conjunct the North or South Node, but not exclusively so. He also found a big correlation between these type of events when the sun was forming a t-square to the Nodal Axis – at 90 degrees. He calculated that if the Sun was within 5 degrees either side of square to the Nodal axis, there was a far increased chance of a loss of life through an unfortunate incident. Tobey nicknamed this position the “Moon Wobble”.

I don’t usually include squares to the nodal axis on my natal charts, however on looking at this particular chart, I noticed that the possibility of a square inducing this accident existed. The Sun today was at 14 Virgo, just within that 5 degree range of the North Node at 19 Sagittarius. I am not saying that there will always be a disaster during a Moon Wobble, but if the other planetary factors are also stressful and appear in certain areas of the chart, then the potential really does exist.

At this particular Moon Wobble there were also a couple of other interesting factors. The Sun was found in the 8th house, Scorpio’s house where death can be found. Venus also in the 8th was almost exactly square to the Nodal Axis as well. Taurus ruled by Venus sat on the cusp of the 5th house of sport, indicating that this was an area where unfortunate happenings could occur. Pluto was closely quindecile the South Node, a focus of destructive energy impacting on the Nodal Axis and Pluto’s sign Scorpio was found on the cusp of the 11th house of team affairs. Finally Neptune was making an opposition to Mercury again in the 8th house, and a close quindecile to the Sun. Mercury traditionally rules travel by air, and Neptune’s influence may well have disrupted the flight. Neptune quindecile the Sun often shows the effect of being or feeling powerless to act. It seems that the accident by all reports was caused by some catastrophic failure. Interesting too that the plane ended up burning on the water’s edge, surely the influence of Neptune at work in some way?

It may be worthwhile exploring if future Moon Wobbles coincide with future accidents or related incidents. For the moment however, the Russian people will mourn the loss of one of their foremost hockey teams. Hopefully it will precipitate the tightening the air safety rules in a country that desperately needs some.

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