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Loc'd and Lovely | Tasha AKA Natz of Naturaleza Blog

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural

One of the blogs I visit on a regular basis is Naturaleza and although I'm not loc'd (yet), there is a plethora of natural hair information for ladies rockin' locs or free flowing natural hair on Tasha's blog! This island beauty has a beautiful spirit and a gorgeous head of locs, which she recently colored a smoking fire engine red that I so desperately want to try! Her hair story is very inspirational, so be sure to check out her blog and hit her up on other social networking sites.
Loc'd and Lovely | Tasha AKA Natz of Naturaleza Blog

Introducing Tasha: Hi, my name is Natasha, but my family and friends call me Tasha or Natz.  I am a Modern Languages educator in one of the best secondary schools in the beautiful island of Barbados. I am fluent in Spanish (and French to a lesser extent). My interests: my family, friends, blogging, the beach, writing poetry, photography and so many more things really. And leaving the best for last: I am also a proud mother to a 3 ½ year old little girl. She is a darling and a joy!

How long have you been rockin’ your natural hair and what was the reason for the decision? I have been natural since November 2010. My last relaxer was in February 2010. For a long time I had wanted to wear my hair in locs. I had tried once before (around 2005) but maintenance was my major problem. It was difficult to make an appointment at the times which were convenient for me. I then decided to perm my hair again after close to a year of no chemical processing at all.
Loc'd and Lovely | Tasha AKA Natz of Naturaleza Blog
This second time around, I was more prepared. I was ready mentally. I armed myself with information and ideas to make my transition easier. I made sure that I found a natural stylist who was someone I could trust and would motivate me. It would also seem that this time around I was much closer to people who had natural hair and they took pride in wearing their hair like that as well. And, I used the opportunity to create a blog as an outlet to encourage myself for the times when I might have become daunted. But, even this idea has grown beyond all I could have asked for. Becoming natural was a no-brainer after a while. I could no longer deal with the breakage. My hair, even though it was a good length, was damaged in the middle and top points of my head.  The months leading up to transitioning, I cut it off in stages as I made up my mind about how to proceed.

Tell us about your support system when you decided to go natural! My support system was primarily my friends and family. Many of the women in my family are loc-wearers or simply have loose natural tresses. I did not face the issues that many women attest to. And, in any case, I try not to be easily fazed by negative comments. Once I set my mind to something that I deem positive in my life, I WILL proceed. I don’t let naysayers and dream-killers rent space in my mind. LOL! In turn, I have been told that my tenacity and determination are responsible for a couple other people making the step away from chemically-processed hair to natural hair. So, you see, it is a circle. We lean on people at times for support, but we can end up being a ‘big sis’ of sorts for someone else. You never know who you might inspire. Did you BC or transition? I transitioned using micro-braids and wool braids. The wool braids gave me a better idea as to how my hair might look with locs. I quite enjoyed wearing them. I transitioned from Feb 2010 to November 2010. Actually herein lies my only regret and that is, that I did not wear my hair un-locked at all. I went straight from transitioning to locking all in a day. I just wanted to start the process so I wasted no time at all. Loc'd and Lovely | Tasha AKA Natz of Naturaleza Blog
Has your outlook on life changed since having natural hair? I’d have to say that I am more aware of living a more chemical-free life. I pay greater attention to the composition of not only hair care products, but also cleaning products and food items. The best advice you’ve received since becoming natural? 1) Leave your hair let it grow!!! 2) Enjoy the process!! – And boy have I been doing that! Locking is process and via all its stages, I am honestly amazed at how each loc formed. They are still in a stage of maturation. Each one is firm to the touch but I know that from looking at the locs of mature loc-rockers, that I still have more maturing to do!! My hair has grown quickly as well. Many persons remark regularly on this fact. Loc'd and Lovely | Tasha AKA Natz of Naturaleza Blog
Five (5) products/items that you cannot live without? A silk scarf for bedtime or when doing housework, 2.) Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner and Moisture Retention shampoo, 3.) Taliah Waajid Lock It Up and 4.) an oil spritz to keep my locs moisturized. I recently invested a 5.) spritz bottle and I use that to spritz my hair with water. I just love how full and shiny they can get. What advice would you give to other ladies who may desire to go natural or may be on the fence about embracing their natural hair? To any young lady who might be thinking of going natural, I say: EMBRACE YOUR NEWNESS!! Don’t be bothered too much by what others may say to you. And many times, I think we over think the situation so much and begin to create negative scenarios in our minds. Going natural is about you. Some women speak of meeting head on with negative comments from friends and family members. Turn a deaf ear to these things. How can being ‘natural’ be damaging to you? I endured years of burns and a sore scalp when I would go to get my hair relaxed. Maybe you have, too. Whatever your motivation may be for wanting to stop chemically-processing your hair, let that be your driving force. Spend time touching your hair, feeling its texture, finding what shampoos and products work best. Read up on what chemicals to leave out of your daily routine. Simply put: Have a LOVE AFFAIR with your hair.
Loc'd and Lovely | Tasha AKA Natz of Naturaleza Blog
Tell us about bloging about natural hair at Naturaleza Blog I enjoy blogging! I lend my voice to help others who are looking for a resource to make that decision to wear their hair natural. There are tips on natural oils, interviews with naturalistas and entrepreneurs, healthy lifestyle posts, hair tutorials and of course, inspiration via photos.

I enjoy reaching out to people and letting them know that someone does care. The blog has become a community where those who contribute desire to share their views on being natural, on health and other topics. Really, it is a work in progress and I will invite persons to subscribe and become a part of something positive, inspiring and empowering.

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