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LizAnne & Reed Are Married! /// Alma, GA Wedding Photographer

By Scarlettandstephen
LizAnne & Reed are married! /// Alma, GA Wedding Photographer

Imagine a field in the middle of nowhere in Georgia… a manor with land that stretches beyond what the eye can see, covered in one blueberry bush after another.  Imagine old church pews of different shapes and sizes and textured wood brought in to circle around a lone giant oak tree…. imagine antique bottles and books and suitcases and sofas and teacups gathered from shops and families that outdo anything you could try to recreate from Pinterest or on Etsy.  Imagine a love so strong that it gathers over 400 people because in a town so small, literally, you know everyone and their families.  This place is Alma, Ga and this love story belongs to LizAnne and Reed on their beautiful wedding day held at a family member’s private manor.

Their love story is 10 years in the making from that night LizAnne first laid eyes on Reed playing guitar in a bar.  A few years later came along the love of their life, Ammons, their adorable son and ring bearer who rocked out his black suspenders and converse shoes on the wedding day.  And now, this December, LizAnne and Reed finally made their wedding worth the wait for family and friends as they gathered in the middle of nowhere on a Southern plantation to celebrate the next chapter of their love story that continues to be written. Just as their love story began that night in the bar when Reed was singing and playing with his band, Reed closed out the wedding reception by jumping on stage and rockin’ out the house before they scooted away under the sparklers in an old vintage car.

Here’s some of our favorites from their day and the awesome vendors we worked with!

CEREMONY/RECEPTION: Private Manor DRESS: Lazaro SHOES: Nina COORDINATOR: Emily Burton of Blush129 FLORIST: Johnson’s Town and Country Florist BAND: The Bushmen CATERER: McClain House VIDEOGRAPHER: Joel Rozier MAKEUP: Paulina Perez HAIR: Mane Objective Salon & Paulina Perez CAKE: Savannah Custom Cakes

LizAnne & Reed are married! /// Alma, GA Wedding Photographer
LizAnne & Reed are married! /// Alma, GA Wedding Photographer

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