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Living In Knoxville – 5 Things To Do In Knoxville This Spring

By Knoxvillehometeam @KnoxHomeTeam

biscuit-festivalThere is no denying Knoxville is a wonderful place to live in the spring, minus of course being one of the worst cities of allergies. The temperatures are warm enough to enjoy the outdoors and all that living in Knoxville has to offer. Here are a 5 things to do in Knoxville this spring, before the summer heat and humidity.

The Knoxville’s International Biscuit Festival. One event not to miss this year is Knoxville’s Biscuit Festival. It takes place on May 16-18th in Market Square. The festival celebrates all things biscuit related and includes a biscuit bake-off, a biscuit bazaar, a Mr. and Mrs. Biscuit Pageant, among many other things. For just $5, you can try five different biscuit creations from one of the many vendors.

First Fridays. Starting May 6th, First Fridays start again in Knoxville. Each first Friday of the month, residents can enjoy art openings, food specials, live entertainment from the 100 block of Gay Street to Market Square. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather, get a taste of East Tennessee flair, and enjoy downtown.

Enjoy Downtown Knoxville. Between the Old City, Market Square, and Gay Street, Knoxville has a vibrant downtown life. Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and take in downtown Knoxville. Be sure to check out one of the many awesome restaurants in Market Square, along with one of the live concert series starting on April 30th in Market Square.

Take advantage of living near the Great Smoky Mountains. Being less than an hour away from the Smoky Mountains, it is a great time to take advantage of living so close to them. Whether you’re a hiker or just want to enjoy the beautiful views, the Smoky Mountains are great before the summer heat. Hiking one of  80 the Smoky Mountain Trails. Also, visit Cades Cove. The views of the mountains are beautiful and if you drive around the Cade’s Cove loop, you have the opportunity to see a lot of different wildlife and enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains.

Enjoy living near the Tennessee River before the summer heat. One of the best things about living in Knoxville is being near the water during the spring and summer. Whether it is tubing in the lake, taking part in a redneck yacht club, or just going for a swim. The Tennessee River has many different opportunities for those who want to take advantage of living near the river.

Knoxville is a great place to live and the spring is a great time to take full advantage of living in Knoxville. Whether you want to take advantage of living near the water or enjoying the vibrant downtown life, there is something for everyone.

What is your favorite thing to do in Knoxville in the spring?

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