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Live For What Soothes The Soul and Other Musings

By Cass
Hi All,
I seem to only be posting weekly now, I shall have to get better at that so my apologies. The trouble is it is just so damned hot at the moment, my energy levels are at zero and when you are writing all day coming home to write is not really working right now. Maybe once this heatwave is over I can get back to the serious daily posts....not the subject of the posts....just the regularity of them.
Live For What Soothes The Soul and Other Musings
So what am I going to be rambling on about today then? Well quite rightly I am going to be talking about how survive the inevitable lupus flare up in this never ending heat, but I am going to do something a little different. I am going to look at how to keep your everyday upbeat when you feel like you are constantly being beaten down by wave upon wave of isn't it!
For this I am going to look at what I do to soothe my soul in times of struggle...starting with this.....
I stick on my favorite songs!
As you all know, I am a ridiculously massive music fan. i actually don't know what I would do without it any more, I definitely wouldn't be me. The beauty of music, whatever genre, is that it evokes something in everyone. No one person will feel the same thing at the same time. Whether a song takes you back to a specific moment, recreates feelings that have long since past, or simply makes you laugh out loud....the essential beauty of music is that we can all join together and get something from it.
I will listen to certain bands when I am sad that I wont touch when happy and visa versa; then there are the bands that I only turn to when I am feeling ill. when I am at my lowest like so much pain that everything gets a little more complicated, I enjoy listening to songs with a good beat, excellent lyrics and usually something a little more mellow. They will take me away to a happier place, somewhere where I can rest a while. So I am going to share one of my favourites with's a beautiful song!
Words will ultimately take you to the dreamland in the clouds
As you all know, I am moving very very soon and I am dreading it in many ways. One of the hardest things for me has been packing my books into boxes...honestly it breaks my heart! I am a book nerd and I am proud to admit it, so packing them away seems a little cruel.
Live For What Soothes The Soul and Other Musings
One of the reasons I love to read is because for a short space of time I can be somewhere else, I can be someone else and live through the characters. This is especially useful when I am in pain. Ok now here is the bit that you may laugh at considering my age, but I am proud of this, when I am really ill I will read one of two books for some fighting strength....either The Hunger Games or Treasure Island....yes I know they are teenage based books, but I am young at heart.
I will surround myself with others for good conversation
There is nothing better than the company of others when I am feeling at my worst and obviously it can be difficult to get out...but that doesn't mean you shouldn't! Social media is great for those times when we cannot leave the house...which does happen often unfortunately. There are many support groups on Facebook...the one I am member of is now part of my everyday life and the people on it are now part of my family...yes I know you may be reading this and I love you all!
Live For What Soothes The Soul and Other Musings
We live in such a connected world that there are so many outlets to be around other people when you are struggling,my advice is to take those chances! I struggles at first to talk to people I didn't know, however it has been great to find out information, get advice and have a good giggle about lupus, life and anything else!

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