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Live-Fight-Win: John Taylor's Inspiring Battle Against Cancer

By Bloggerfather @bloggerfather
Live-Fight-Win: John Taylor's Inspiring Battle Against CancerJohn Taylor, who some of you may know by his blog (and Twitter) name, The Daddy Yo Dude, hasn't had an easy year. Then, just when things seemed to spiral downhill with no end in sight, John took control, and with his family by his side, it looked like things were finally going as well as anyone could have hoped for. He found the balance he needed and the priorities he had to concentrate on in the future.
Two weeks ago, in his own words:
Two weeks ago today, it only took one day for my whole life to be uprooted and turned upside down. All the feelings, the rush of that day, and the tones in the doctors voices, all will forever be vividly etched into my mind.

It takes a ton of courage to do what John is doing now, exposing himself like that to the world. Here's a bit from a recent post he wrote on The Good Men Project, "A Letter to My Cancer":
I have a whole battalion in my corner ready to fuck you up. Through prayer, through medicine, and through pure determination, you will be defeated.

Sure, writing honestly about cancer may be therapeutic for John, but in addition to that, what he provides with his powerful words is the proof that a weakened body doesn't necessarily make a person weaker. John, who has had his share of struggles, is ready for the next struggle, and judging by the way he attacks this thing, he is using the lessons and the scars from every battle he has won in the past, to win this next battle.

Here's what you can do:
  1. Read through his new Tumbler blog, Live-Fight-Win: Chronicles in Cancer and Kicking Ass.
  2. Read the rest of his post on The Good Men Project (the one I quoted above), A Letter to My Cancer.
  3. Once you're done being inspired, donate. John is collecting donations for his treatment and for related out of pocket medical expenses. I put the fundraising widget on the sidebar, and I hope you can spare something through my site, or through the Give Forward site. On the Give Forward site, you will also find the code for the donation widget, which you can put on your own site/blog.

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By John Taylor
posted on 13 February at 15:43

I was being vain and Googling myself this morning when I came upon this and many more articles like it. I am TheDaddyYoDude.

Since I didn't do it then, let me say thank you for this. How awesome it has been to see how far and wide people were rooting for me in my battle against cancer.

I am proud to say that yesterday, I marked one year cancer free. I won that battle and largely thanks to the support of so many.

Thank you for having shared this and know that it is greatly appreciated!