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Little West Street Baby Quilt Review

By Hemapriya Natesan @MyLittleMoppet

There's something very enjoyable and endearing about shopping for baby things; even someone who claims to be a 'non-baby person' can't deny it! Those adorable little sleeves, soft, fluffy fabrics and absolutely delicious little shoes - they're irresistible!

Shopping is definitely one of the fun parts of having a baby, and your shopping list is incomplete without a baby blanket or quilt. A baby quilt is also one of the first choices for gifting at baby showers. Now, the sheer variety of blankets and quilts out there can make your head spin! So while you're wondering which one to choose, we'd suggest taking a look at our review of a quilt from one of the latest brands of baby stuff to hit the market - Little West Street. So read on to know what we think!

Little West Street Baby Quilt Review

Little West Street has all the furnishings your baby will need, whether it's a boy or a girl! While they have many categories, their bedding collections are the most exhaustive, with sheets, pillows, duvets, bumpers, blankets, quilts and more. The quilt we received was their Choo Choo Friends baby quilt, well packed, with a cute little 'Thank you' card included in it. It was a very thoughtful gesture, and made opening the package all the more special!

Little West Street Baby Quilt Review

Our experience with the Little West Street Baby Quilt

The quilt is very soft, and has the sturdiness of being handmade. It's made of and filled with 100% cotton, making it perfect for all seasons. The beading is not too thick either, and is ideal for a newborn's delicate skin. The size is larger than I expected, and is big enough for my toddler. A quilt that can be used from birth to 3+ years - now that's value for money!

Little West Street Baby Quilt Review

As you can guess from the name, the quilt has a train theme, and it's a jungle train, to be more specific! The colors are bright without being overstimulating, and overall the quilt has a neutral and soothing palette. The appliques are very detailed and the finishing is perfect. They also include different fabrics, so baby can have some sensory fun with it too!

Little West Street Baby Quilt Review

And when you're a Mom, one question at the top of your mind is sure to be about cleaning the quilt! Don't worry, it's been taken care of - this quilt can be washed in your washing machine and ironed on low heat as well.

Little West Street Baby Quilt Review

Price and Availability

The Little West Street Choo Choo Friends baby quilt costs Rs. 5,999.00 and is available on their website. A personalization service is also available, where you can get the quilt with your child's name on it with a choice of three lovely fonts, at an extra fee of Rs. 350.00. You can also get matching sheets, bumper, coverlets and a pillows & bolster set in the same theme and put together your own gift hamper!

Little West Street Baby Quilt Review

Our Verdict on the Little West Street Baby Quilt

My kids absolutely loved the quilt and ended up fighting over it. I'd completely recommend this baby quilt, especially for gifting. The best part is that it can be used through the toddler years and will last much longer! I only wish they came in adult sizes too!

If you'd like to know more about the brand, here's a little info about how it all started, straight from the brand CEO!

The Story behind the birth of Little West Street

Moving back to India (after 14 years) for a couple of years with my new born was a turning point in my life. As a new mother, I was very excited to set up a beautiful, soothing nursery space for my son, and buy all those cute, quality essentials. An experience which is usually fun for a new mom, left me very unsatisfied. That's when I realized why I always had so many requests over the years to carry baby stuff from the US to India for my friends! So many things were missing in the market - good designs, variety and quality:

  • There were a handful of stores that carried baby bedding, but these stores were spread out all over Delhi. Commuting to these stores, only to find 3-4 designs (and even fewer for a boy!) was a frustrating experience.
  • On trying the online stores, I still couldn't find the variety or the design aesthetic I was seeking. Basic information such as size, fabric and wash care details about the products were missing online. For a new baby, I am sure all parents would agree that it is absolutely essential to know what has gone into making the product.
  • Further, innovative products such as diaper clutches, sleep sacks, muslin essentials for newborns - which are considered essentials around the world due to their convenience and safety, were completely missing in the market.

When I couldn't find it anywhere, I thought why not I just make it for him. I realized I already had the knowledge of fabrics, designs and colors from growing up in a family of apparel and home furnishings designers! Paired with my business strategy experience at Bain & Company, and my passion for quality I decided to create the products I'd been looking for - a brand that I (and other parents) could love.

I knew that Indian mothers today are extremely sophisticated in their choices, and recognize high quality when they see it. I returned to New York City and worked with a team of experienced designers, sourced the finest fabrics (many loomed just for us to meet the highest requirements), used specially dyed beautiful, soothing hues and worked with the best craftsman to bring the finest designs to market. In addition, our products were also designed keeping safety and ease of care in mind.

Our aim at Little West Street is to create the finest products for the stylish and practical mom. We believe the magic is in the details - we worry about every small thing, so moms don't have to and they can focus on more important things in life like snuggling, cuddling and catching a nap 😉

Lots of Love,

Little West Street Baby Quilt Review

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