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Listen To The Premiere Of Alpha Bootis' Debut EP Reboot, "Jump To Alpha Bootis"!

Posted on the 23 September 2021 by Ripplemusic
Listen To The Premiere Of Alpha Bootis' Debut EP Reboot, From the clouds of stardust they came. The time-travelling robots of the Evil Doctor Goldstein. Beset on all sides by tides of steel and fury, our crew had no choice but to abandon ship and jettison themselves aboard an emergency capsule. Stranded in the Serpent's Nebula, our crew are at their wit's end. The nearest star is light years away, and with their mechanic gone, they have little hope of fixing their warp drive. That's when they discover a mysterious flashing sign in the middle of the nebula. After following it like a beacon, our crew found itself in front of a most peculiar sight. Orbiting a massive asteroid covered in neon signs was a space station. "Wormhole Gas Bar" read the tacky sign above the docking bay. As they enter the bar and get settled, our crew is greeted by Votson... from the future! They reveal that they betrayed the group in the past because Frederic Huang bribed them, but they felt guilty, stole back the USS NEON, and built the Gas Bar so that the crew wouldn't be left to die in the Nebula. Turns out Votson was both a traitor and a hero! Reunited with their mechanic and their ship, our crew sets flight through the wormhole and into the Belt of Orion, confident that it will lead them to a new world for humanity. Is this the end of their journey? Will they find a new world around Orion's Belt? Will Frederic Huang and Dr Goldstein find them once again?

Science fiction fuelled band Alpha Boötis bring their debut release into the future with a reboot, 'Jump to Alpha Bootis'.

"'Jump to Alpha Boötis' is a complete reinvention of the first Alpha Boötis EP. Conceived originally as the soundtrack to a fictitious space exploration video game, these five songs are now the musical backdrop of an exciting science-fiction movie, alas still a fictitious one. Taking place in the far future (and distant past!) of our universe, 'Jump to Alpha Boötis' takes the listener through space and time, inside a cutting-edge spaceship, a sprawling planet-sized city, a bustling nightclub orbiting a wormhole, the horrors of subspace and the serene beauty of untouched alien nature. We've always blended multiple genres and moods within our songs, but for this album we've sharpened the contrast between those elements to create an eclectic and immersive album." - Ozymandias

Listen To The Premiere Of Alpha Bootis' Debut EP Reboot,

Opening with a powerful energy, the title track delivers catchy melodies non-stop along with a deliciously distorted guitar tone. Intricate motifs and dynamic combinations of instrumental textures are their forte, with brass and woodwind appearing alongside synths and guitars. From the dark atmosphere of 'Ecumenopolis' to the epic breakdown in 'Serpens Nebula', Alpha Boötis artfully craft their distinctive sound amongst the dark and the light. 'Circling the Belt of Orion' (feat. Alattia) brings a serene, fantasy, piece further showing the band's versatility. Alpha Boötis' cover of Gojira's 'Another World' not only introduces vocals to the release, but also sees the science fiction metallers seamlessly blend their signature onto an incredible track.

Travelling through spacetime, Alpha Boötis explore an enticing array of soundscapes. Their thorough genre mixing capabilities have produced a melting pot of creativity. 'Jump to Alpha Bootis' is a true voyage of escapism.


01 Jump to Alpha Boötis

02 Ecumenopolis

03 Wormhole Gas Bar

04 Serpens Nebula

05 Circling the Belt of Orion (feat. Alattia)

06 Another World (Gojira cover)


All songs by Frak & Ozymandias

Except song 6 by Joseph & Mario Duplantier

Guitars, synth programming, production and vocals by Ozymandias

Synths and back vocals by Harakoa

Saxophone by Krogorlon

Bass by Votson

Drums and drum programming by Jotunbot

Recorder on song 5 by Harakoa

Buzuki on song 5 by Frak

Saxophone recorded with Adrien Agard

Drums recorded with Antonin Paquette

Mixing by David Fuller

Mastering by Brandon Allhouse of Steelhouse Studios

Artwork by Alexandre Gauthier

Band picture by Giostino Giotezio IG:@giostino_giotezio

https://alphabootisband.bandcamp.com/album/jump-to-alpha-bo-tis https://twitter.com/ozymanbootis https://www.instagram.com/alphabootisband/

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