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List of Persons/groups Paid by Soros to Protest in Ferguson & Selma

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Only in America can one be a political revolutionary and get paid for it!

Only in America are political protesters/rioters/looters not only paid for their “services,” they are reimbursed for their food, transportation, cell phones, art supplies to make up posters and signs, traffic fines (running red light), and other expenses.

Only in America are staff members of non-profit political groups — all Marxist — reimbursed for their salaries for taking time away from their jobs to protest/riot/loot.

Isn’t America just grand?

Nickarama reports for Weasel Zippers, May 19, 2015, that we now have evidence that two groups funded by George Soros, MORE and OBS, advertised money for people willing to travel to protest in Ferguson. The groups are:

  1. Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE)
  2. Organization for Black Struggle (OBS)

The evidence that Soros-backed groups pay people to protest consists of two:

1. A tweet:

Note: @organizemo is the twitter account of MORE

Ferguson tweet
2. A list of names and organizations to whom M.O.R.E. paid money:

On May 14, 2015, protesters protested that they hadn’t received their checks from MORE (read about it here). So MORE distributed a list detailing who was paid to protest in Ferguson, Missouri and Selma, Alabama.

Here are 3 photos of the list, followed by my painstaking reconstruction of the list in a more legible format.

↓ Click photos to enlarge ↓

Ferguson list1
Ferguson list2
Ferguson list3

Here’s my reconstruction of the list in the photos in a more legible format. Note that:

  • Ferguson October = Ferguson protests in October 2014
  • Selma = Protests in Selma, Alabama
  • Jobs With Justice is a non-profit organization for “workers’ rights” based in Washington, D.C.
  • World Community Center is a non-profit “for peace” group in St. Louis, also called Nation Builder.
  • Black Souljaz is a social network group.
  • National Domestic Workers Alliance is a non-profit for domestic workers’ (mainly women) rights.
  • Action Council is a non-profit “to address the reduction in government funding for health and human services for low-income and vulnerable people.”
  • People’s Institute is a non-profit “on understanding what racism is.”
  • Latinos en Axion is “a community leaders group.”
  • I can’t find what these groups are: NVDA, MAU, Freedom Fighters, MASK.

Date Person/Group Amount Purpose

8/18/2014 Darien Wigfall $100 Ferguson October art supplies

9/15/2014 Wisdom Works $239 Ferguson October website

10/6/2014 Adam Jones $2,711.50 Ferguson October tshirts

10/6/2014 Derek Laney $1,000 Ferguson October art supplies

10/9/2014 John Chasnoff $225 Ferguson October permits

10/9/2014 John Chasnoff $1,242 Ferguson October permits

10/6/2014 Production Support Services $2,193.25 Ferguson October march tech

10/9/2014 Juliette Jacobs $200 Ferguson October walkie talkies

10/7/2014 Adam Jones $671.50 Ferguson October tshirts

10/10/2014 Hi-Tech Copy $890.63 Ferguson October copies

10/11/2014 Fed Ex $433.83 Ferguson October banner

10/9/2014 Jobs With Justice $2,702.68 Ferguson October van rentals

10/14/2014 St. Louis A/V Company $911.42 Ferguson October a/v

9/18/2014 World Community Center $500 Movement space usage

10/22/2014 Karl Kumodzi $200 Ferguson October gas cards

10/18/2014 Public Policy & Education Fund of NY $2,856 Staff salary reimbursement

10/1/2014 MO Dept of Revenue $66.15 fines for CN1 bank account

11/3/2014 CWA Local 6355 $1,005.19 Ferguson October (vans)

11/5/2014 Shona Clarkson $184.24 Ferguson October (megaphones)

11/18/2014 Jeff Ordower $10,717 Ferguson October reimbursements

11/18/2014 Kathy Peterson $1,914.69 Ferguson October supplies

11/18/2014 Tia Byrd $52.33 Ferguson October copies

11/20/2014 Harry Alper $119.53 Ferguson October supplies

11/21/2014 Damon Davis $300 Art supplies

11/24/2014 Kayla Reed $2,000 Youth stipends, food, etc.

11/24/2014 Julia Ho $31.07 NVDA training food

11/28/2014 Jeff Ordower $10,000 Ferguson October reimbursements

11/28/2014 Tia Byrd $82.90 NVDA training supplies

12/3/2014 Emily Bland $132 Ferguson October parking

12/5/2014 Maurice Weeks $224.88 Ferguson October supplies

12/5/2014 Ashley Yates on behalf of MAU $3,129 Online donations for MAU

12/9/2014 Harry Alper $169.50 Supplies for non-indictment

12/9/2014 Damon Davis $200 Art supplies

12/10/2014 Jeffery Hill on behalf of Black Souljaz $500 Online donations

12/10/2014 Maryam Adrangi $173.63 Ferguson October art supplies

12/10/2014 Public Policy Education Fund for NY $6,882.44 staff salary reimbursement

12/12/2014 Brandon Sneed (formerly of Tribe X) $500 Online donations

12/12/2014 Arielle Klagsbrun $203.53 NVDA training supplies

12/12/2014 Beverly Jones $114.63 Supplies for non-indictment

12/15/2014 Michael Bowersox $444.39 Non-indictment food

12/15/2014 National Domestic Workers Alliance $1,099.13 Cell phones for Ferguson October

12/15/2014 Harry Shelton $70 Gas for Ferguson October

12/15/2014 Charles Murphy $170 Video services for Ferguson October

12/15/2014 Brittany Ferrell $3,544 Online donations for MAU

12/17/2014 Jeanina Jenkins $600 Freedom Fighters donations

12/17/2014 Autumn Osborn $250 Freedom Fighters donations

12/18/2014 MORE $52,815.48 Debt repayment for Ferguson October

12/18/2014 MO Jobs For Justice $30 Red light camera charges

12/18/2014 Brittany Ferrell on behalf of MAU $7,536 Online donations

12/18/2014 Julia Ho $230.75 NVDA training supplies

12/18/2014 Lisa Fithian $1,127.72 Visit expenses

12/18/2014 Beverly Jones $320.22 Supplies for non-indictment

12/18/2014 Jeff Ordower $905 Nationbuilder, canvassing reimbursement

12/18/2014 Derek Laney $25 NVDA training supplies

12/18/2014 Julia Ho $190.67 NVDA training supplies

12/18/2014 Arielle Klagsbrun $487.39 NVDA training supplies

12/18/2014 Cathy Daniels $300 Supplies for non-indictment

12/18/2014 Public Policy & Education Fund of NY $5,692.44 Staff salary reimbursement

12/12/2014 Shona Clarkson $361.15 Supplies for non-indictment

1/16/2015 Yvette Harris for MASK $53.15 Supplies for MASK

1/16/2015 Julia Ho $45 Action Council food

12/15/2014 Aaron Stables $459.95 Ferguson October bullhorns

1/15/2015 Jeff Ordower $6,708.53 Reimbursements for Ferguson October

2/3/2015 Brittany Ferrell on behalf of MAU $4,799.85 From CN1

2/3/2015 Hands Up United $3,000 Online donations for Hands Up

2/3/2015 Menta Jackson $350 ?

2/3/2015 Julia Ho $42 Action Council food

2/6/2015 Nabeeha Azeez $300 Selma Travel Expenses

2/6/2015 Ned Alexander $300 Selma Travel Expenses

2/6/2015 Emanuel Jones $300 Selma Travel Expenses

2/6/2015 Elizabeth Vega $642.89 Art build receipts august 9-feb 9

3/9/2015 Cathy Daniels $600 People’s Institute catering

3/9/2015 HJ Rodgers $1,000 Travel stipend

3/9/2015 Dasha Jones $300 Selma travel expenses

3/16/2014 Ashley Yates on behalf of MAU $2,032.14 Online donations for MAU

3/17/2015 Yvette Harris for MASK $2,000 DC trip

3/19/2015 Cathy Daniels $545 People’s Institute catering

3/20/2015 Tony Rice $145 People’s Institute catering

3/23/2015 Latinos en Axion $800 S Jefferson place

3/26/2015 Sana Rankin-Cole $200 People’s Institute catering

4/2/2015 Cathy Daniels $600 Reconciliation dinner

4/20/2015 Marcia Curtis $66.01 Activist supplies

Is paying people to protest and riot not a conspiracy?

And to think we are constantly being derided by the media for being “conspiracy theorist” tinfoil hatters.

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H/t Barry Soetoro, Esq., for the tip on the protesters protesting not having received their money.


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