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Lipstick of the Day: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Guest List 012 & New Blog Segment

By Roro @rorodiane

Heyah gorgeous!

I wanna introduce to you something new to on my blog which is the “Lipstick of the day”. On this new segment, you will see the lip products I’ll be using of the day, testing it out and make a mini review about it. Though probably not everyday cause I prefer wearing lip balms to keep my lips hydrated and healthy.

I do like lipsticks because of the wide array of colors its available. And I like playing around with the colors, matching it with my outfit like I’ll go all black with my clothes and add red lips to it. Whenever I go to the mall and see a gorgeous lip color, my hands starts to itch prompting me to buy it even though I didn’t have intention to purchase one thus sacrificing the money for food to a pretty tube of lipstick. Worth it! (and sometimes, probably not)

I’m quite particular when choosing the right color of lipstick; sometimes, I would spend 10 minutes (or more) just to decide what color I really like and whether do I really need it or not. I just get annoyed when the saleslady starts staring and hovering at my back as if I have every intention of shoplifting. DoH! (I have personal space issues, peace 8-) )

Moving on the main topic, the lip product I want tp share today is my Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick. I got this from my mom because she didn’t like the color which I also thought of at first. But thanks to my momma, I got my first high-end make up product. Tee-hee :D


My first impression on this was, well, I really didn’t have any since this was my first Rimmel lipstick and I’m not sure if we have stores selling it here in the Philippines other than online. I think this is sold for about $6-$7/ P200-300. It has 18 available shades and I think its not related to the Kate Moss line (which shades I love to try one or all!). The label said ‘Lasting Finish Lipstick’ so I was curious to test it out.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick

Colour that turns heads! Intense long lasting colour for up to 8 hours wear +25% colour impact! Smooth creamy texture for comfortable wear all day long.

I got the shade 012 Guest List which gives off a soft red color with a slight pink undertone.


I really didn’t like the shade at first especially when I applied it on my lips. It looked barely there to me (or are my lips just naturally pink?) kind of like a lip gloss more than a lipstick. But then when I reapplied it, to get the color I desired, it looked great and actually well pigmented, not an intense color but it does soften up your whole look. It has light shimmer on it which is perfect for me. It is also very creamy and it doesn’t make my lips dry but I’m not sure about the long-lasting claim though. I have to reapply after 3 hours or when I eat or drink.

Here’s what it looks like when I applied the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Guest List 012  on my lips and yeah, the color does seem faint.8

The good:

  • creamy, not drying
  • has a sweet bubble gum smell
  • shade gives off soft/ color
  • available in different gorgeous shades

The bad:

  • not long lasting at all
  • not available here in my country

I could say I like this product despite the claims of the color lasting up to 8 hours. This lipstick is definitely something you can wear everyday especially if you want that soft, fresh to simple and natural look. I would really love to try the other shades and the Rimmel Kate Moss line!

I might have to give it 4 out of 5 lips.


Have you tried Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick?
Let me know what you think of it!

Thanks for reading!



That’s just me being roro, LOL

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