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Links to Share Including All of the Voices Autism Posts from Goody Blog

Posted on the 02 May 2011 by Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

All six videos from the PBS Autism Now Series

Interactive Autism Network is connecting researchers with families and individuals with autism spectrum disorders so if you’d like to participate in that check out that link for details. is going to be sharing stories of motherhood and autism for Mother’s Day which is on May 8th. If you want to participate you can get details here.

Another way to share your story, this is sharing about autism and finances. If that interests you click here for details.

$160,000 Raised for Autism Center

Batter Up! For Autism Awareness
Parents of Vineland Developmental Center Speak Out Against Proposed Closure

Questionnaire Could Lead to Earlier Autism Screenings

Five Reasons for Laughs with Autism

Complete List of Voices of Autism from Goody Blog
April 1st- Beauty in the Little Things
April 2nd- My Internal Conflict
April 3rd- A Heart as Big as the Moon
April 4th-Not a Dirty Little Secret
April 5th- Only One Wall Standing
April 6th-Cloudy with a Chance of Sobbing
April 7th- I love Jonah for Who he Is
April 8th- He is a Fighter
April 9th-Hearing the ‘R’ Word
April 10th-Really Grateful she is Mine
April 11th-I Have to Keep Positive and Hopeful
April 12th- Twins Who Share a Diagnosis
April 13th-The World Looks Cool Upside Down
April 14th- I Mourned for my Hopes and Dreams
April 15th- We Learned to Take Nothing for Granted
April 16th- Trapped in Your Own Head
April 17th- Extreme Sensory Issues
April 18th- Random Acts of Pickles
April 19th- The Real Holy Grail
April 20th- Who Is He?
April 21st-My Story
April 22nd- Milestones
April 23rd- The Challenges of a Military Family
April 24th-More of a Blessing then a Curse
April 25th- I was Completely Blindsided
April 26th- Please Understand
April 27th-Happiness is Soft Things
April 28th- Ashlyn Has a Job
April 29th- Labeled as the Bad Kid
April 30th- Just as Beautiful
April 30th- It’s Sort of a Good Thing

Autism Jokes with Byron Filler-Caution- A little adult language in this:

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