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Lifestyle|| The 26-30 Railcard – Why I Think All Under 40s Should Be Able to Get a Railcard

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

Lifestyle|| The 26-30 railcard - why I think all under 40s should be able to get a railcard

Yesterday marked Railcard day. Yes. Apparently that’s a thing. Along with the countless other PR days no one has ever heard of until the Twittersphere jumps on it and makes it trend. That’s genuinely how I know about some of these.  To mark the occasion the 26-30 railcard, dubbed the Millenial railcard, was launched on a limited UK wide trial. It had already seen success in East Anglia, and so the practice sessions widened to encompass twenty-something public transport users around the UK too. In no time at all the website was down. Too many users. Too many keen savvy travellers desperately…

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